December 8th- How Do I Love You! by Monika

How do I love you
When you’re thinking hard.
The wrinkles on your forehead
Make me smile.
Wish you would let me
Smooth them out and run
My hands through your unruly curls.

How do I love
When you walk by my side
Your bouncing step signaling
You are one with the world.
When your steps slow down,
And you’re feeling sad and tired,
I’d be willing to carry you.

How do I
Miss you when you’re far away
When you can’t give me a kiss
And put your strong arms around me.
I take your favorite sweater
And press it into my face.
Then I feel your presence.

How do
I hate you coming home late again.
Going ballistic when something goes wrong.
You criticize me, forgetting the praise
And who leaves the toothpaste open?
Do I really love you?
How do I love you!

Special thanks to Nicky Gabriel for the screen cap!

24 thoughts on “December 8th- How Do I Love You! by Monika

  1. Love can be a hard road–but journeys of the heart have a ways of bringing us to the most perfect place called hom. A very nice poem for the boys, the holidays, and our hearts.

    Thank you for such a beautiful gift!

    • I meant to type “home” and not “hom”–there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit…please pardon the sloppy typing…

      And thank you again for the lovely present!

  2. That’s beautiful! It fits them perfectly, especially the last part 😉
    Thank you, Monika!

  3. Such a beautiful poem, Monika!!!
    So lovely…and it fits perfectly for the boys!!!

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