16 thoughts on “December 10th- David & Paul pictures by Flamingo

  1. Hey Flamingo, the pic of Paul is so gorgeous, what a delight to wake up to this
    morning. Shall enjoy doing the puzzle later when i have a few hours to sit and drool.
    Thank you, Carol

  2. Paul’s pic: I almost never use the word “perfect”…
    Maybe I’ll be able to do the puzzle later If I can stop staring 😉
    I knew you had good taste. Thanks Flamingo!

  3. Great pic’s, Flamingo – thanks for sharing!!!
    David looks beautiful, but as a Hutch girl I have to admit…Paul’s pic really is special!!!

  4. did the Paul puzzle in 30 minutes (with ogling time!) then Chrome crashed because it couldn’t cope with the beauty of it all (giggle)

  5. Great puzzles (and pics!) ! Thanks, Flamingo! I did PMG first (of course) and on to David now : ) Pretty boys!

  6. These presents are certainly keepers–thank you!

    I will savor the eye candy right now, and will play the puzzles when time gives a breather. Looking at the two of them is quite…*gulp* awe-inspiring.

    What a lovely gift!

  7. Great pics! I haven´t seen them before! I`ll play the puzzles later…tonight Thanks, F! 🙂

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