December 4th- Starsky & Hutch Soundfiles by Flamingo

No, I don’t think the Advent Calendar fans will consider soundclips as a substitute for “whispering sweet nothings” in their ears, Starsk.

Special thanks to Nicky Gabriel for the screen cap!

Click on the file name to listen, right click to save.

Beautiful Place Right Person
Charming Rough Day
Don’t Think Sharing
File It Sleep Here
Glad You Came Sordid
Good Morning Ticklish
Hate to Do This Two of Us
Hutch Breathes What’s Up
I Want You Who Are You?
Look at That Who Are You 2?
Merry Christmas Boys Women Like That
Oh Ho Yaya
Play With That Thing


18 thoughts on “December 4th- Starsky & Hutch Soundfiles by Flamingo

  1. 😀 To put some in the right order and I have a very good clearly vision in my dirty mind. hahah For example: Hutch his response to Starsky’s loud approvel by seeing his breathes and he replies Oh HO Yaya for instance.

  2. I agree with Moira. Some of those soundclips bring some nice images to mind. Thank you.

  3. Terrific to listen to over breakfast, if you don’t mind porridge all over the iPad!
    Thanks for all these great snippets. It was fun remembering where they came from. And the others are right – S&H are so flirty! Is it time to remake “The Rocking Torino”?

  4. LOL I think my Muse might have a thing or two to play with here.
    No Hutch, she doesn’t want to play with that…but on the other hand, Starsky’s looks like fun. what? …you did?
    she says she did…..stay tuned!

  5. Very nice! Yes, I agree…very well choosen clips that make the mind wander…what was I talking about?

  6. These gifts are just wonderful! “Play with that thing” – LOL!

    Thank you so much for these adorable presents…and the chance to hear little snippets of the boys in conversation (or complain-ation). I am sure that some of our talented friends could turn these into stories. Me, I just like hearing them talk to us.

    How wonderful – thank you again, Flamingo and Cyanne!

  7. Thank you, Flamingo. These are cute – I keep playing little bits and trying to remember which episodes they are from.

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