December 8th- Fury by Sagitta


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  1. Dawn says:

    Fury is exactly the right title for this picture of Hutch. Nice job.

    • Sagitta says:

      Sorry for the late reply, I was busy with your pros story πŸ˜‰
      I’m glad you like it and the title, too. It was a last minute change to be honest but it definitely felt more suited than the older one.

  2. Laura says:

    What an at word for this picture of Hutch. Great job.

    • Sagitta says:

      Thanks so much Laura. I’m pleased the intention came across. It surely is one of the most rewarding things when the original meaning of a work is well caught.


  3. Kerrys2Boys says:

    Oh how I love a Hutch in full fury. Fantastic depiction of mood. Thank you for this gift Sagitta.

  4. Duluth says:

    Oh, I LOVE this! He’s so intense and you did a great job capturing the deep expression of lines and taut skin! It isn’t a look we often see on him, and that’s why I appreciate you choosing to draw such a moment. Everything is just so well done, from his brows, his nose, and his mouth (which I love), but also the hair and clothing, even the stance is just so perfect! Thank you so much for posting this. It is a favorite of mine!

    • Sagitta says:

      Oh, does it look vaguely familiar to you? HE’s out of the closet (oops, IT) , at last, thanks for the timely kick. Blondie thanks you, too.
      This is one of his traits that make me love Hutch still so much, even if my primary interest’s turn to the darker one.
      It’s good to know you still like it after all this time.


  5. MsMoat says:

    Oh, yes, this captures Hutch perfectly. “Fury” is right. Very nicely done! It really seems like he’s moving, like you’ve just captured a moment. Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Sagitta says:

      Thanks MsMoat! I’m glad it does look that way to you. I’m even more pleased to see you around here again, since I devour both your S&H and Pros stories (there’s a virtual hole in the pages). Thanks again.


      • MsMoat says:

        Thank you! I am, in fact, writing both S&H and Pros stories at the moment! It’s wonderful to be back in S&H.

  6. silviabella says:

    Oh, great job! It’s a really story-inspiring picture, I can’t help but wonder how Hutch got there, why he is so furious. Is Starsky in danger, maybe?
    Davvero complimenti!

    • Sagitta says:

      Grazie Silvia! It’s nice to know you find it inspiring. Ah, Starsky is always in danger, one way or another! They both attract troubles! πŸ˜‰
      See you around in LJ, I hope.

  7. barancoire says:

    Impressive and really beautiful, Sagittas!!!
    Thanls for sharing it here!!!

  8. Sammy(samudee) says:

    Oooohhhh, girl!!! This is fantastic. Fury indeed- Watch out guys! You’ve got that anger very well in his expressions. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sagitta says:

      Oooohhhh, Sammy!!!! So there’s a tiny place for blond men in you heart after all. Or is it just our Big Blond Fury?? πŸ˜‰ What about a Dark Curly Haired Devil one of these days?

      • Sammy (Samudee) says:

        Hey! I’ll be yours truly if you do a Starsky drawing πŸ˜‰

        Your drawing is great! See- I was ‘drawn’ to it, even if that was the blond one πŸ˜‰

  9. Hutcherie says:

    I remember that scene. Hutch war very angry. Very well done, Sagitta! Love it! πŸ™‚

  10. anachron says:

    Yay! So glad to see you here, Sagitta, and your wonderful drawing. Great job capturing his fury!

    • Sagitta says:

      Hey A.! Glad to see you here, too. And thanks so much, I’m glad you like it.
      I suppose I will have to catch up with your work in the future. I’ve probably lost a lot of your posts, too, in the last year. See you around! πŸ™‚


  11. wightfaerie says:

    Wonderful. Perfect title for a perfect piece of artwork.

    • Sagitta says:

      Hi, Sharon. Good to see you here. Thanks so much.
      I’m thinking of a bound Hutch just for you. I’ve a feeling you would love it better, or not?

      • wightfaerie says:

        Oh, Sonia. Now you’ve got me salivating. A bound Hutch would definitely hit the spot. Though, I love this one too. I so appreciate the tremendous talent we have in this fandom. Wish I could draw. I struggle to do a straight line with a ruler!

        • Sagitta says:

          This reply doesn’t seem to want to be posted, Sharon…You’re taking me on a bad path with your deliciously wicked stories (not that I need too much help in that department, anyway ;-). I’m not too much into BDSM scenarios but I read the good stories I stumble upon, and yours I love very much. They’re always good food for the brain and surely never a dull reading :-), but I like a funny and good bondage scenario between the boys and I’ve to admit that Hutch as the restrained one is a very inspiring image. So, never say never… πŸ˜‰

  12. becky says:

    Yikes! a mean angry Hutch is dangerous. You got it so right!

    • Sagitta says:

      Thank you, Becky! Glad you think so. But Hutch is always dangerous even when he’s simply clumsy. We should count the times he falls or he’s almost there. He’s not a lightweight after all.


  13. Kat says:

    Very nice. Hutch is indeed furious and you’ve captured that emotion nicely. Thank you!

  14. liciam says:

    Exciting and penetrating … Bravissima!!!

  15. marianrose says:

    Thank you for this gift of art. I like how you chose an angry Hutch as your subject and captured the “fury”

    • Sagitta says:

      Thanks so much, marianrose. I’m glad you think I managed to capture his fury. I love the guys when they’re angry and fierce.

  16. Melodi says:

    AWESOME!! I remember this, and it captures the moment perfectly!! Hutch in Fury Mode is, indeed, awesome… Thank you!!

    • Sagitta says:

      Thank you, Melodi! Glad you think so. I really like that episode, it’s full of beautiful and intense scenes.

  17. Hansolo5 says:

    A raging Hutch is always welcome here πŸ™‚ poi disegnato da te !
    great job Sonia !!! Bellissimo !

    • Sagitta says:

      πŸ™‚ Oh, la pecorella smarrita Γ¨ tornata all’ovile!
      A raging Hutch is welcome everywhere, everytime. And now you’re making me blush!! πŸ˜‰

  18. hardboiledbaby says:

    Wow, what a striking drawing, so bold and intense. You’ve captured the depth of fierce emotion so well, thank you!

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