December 9th- Paul & David before Starsky & Hutch by Flamingo

We reached into the vaults to find these pics! Paul’s images were scanned from old grainy magazines, while David’s came from commercially available photos. The full body b&w image of David was used, I believe, on the sleeve of his first record. (Anyone care to correct me on that?) But we can look at these pictures and imagine our guys thinking about their futures and trying to decide on a career.

 Dec9_David1969  Dec9_youngPaul2
 Dec9_youngPaul1  Dec9_DavidYoung2
 Dec9_YoungDavid  Dec9_youngdavid3

 Click on the images to see them full size.

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23 Responses to December 9th- Paul & David before Starsky & Hutch by Flamingo

  1. wightfaerie says:

    Lovely pics, Flamingo. I think David’s pic was from the sleeve of his single The Train.

  2. Dawn says:

    Cool. I particularly remember the picture of PMG with the hat and the jacket over his shoulder.

  3. Laura says:

    What lovely pictures of David and Paul before they did Starsky & Hutch. They both look so young – I remember seeing Paul Glaser in Fiddler On The Roof and he was really great even though he wasn’t in the film that long and only had a minor role in the film he was brilliant.

  4. Hutcherie says:

    Thanks, Flamingo! Nice to see all those pics again! Aren’t they cute? 😉

  5. Duluth says:

    These are great. The middle ones are my favorites. They look like such baby faces. Honesly, think they only got handsomer as they aged into grown men! 🙂

  6. MsMoat says:

    Oh, so young! Gosh, I love that middle one of PMG, in particular. DS with the medallion is so, so ’60s. *g* Thank you!

  7. provencepuss says:

    I’ve always loved the debonair sex-bomb about town photo of Paul in the hat. thanks for giving a dirty old woman a warm fuzzy moment when the north wind is blowing at 120kph out there 😀

  8. Lisa C says:

    Thanks for the great memory revival! I always love b/w photos of them, especially PMG. Don’t you just want to put your fingers into that short hair?

  9. Lisa C says:

    Thanks for the great memory revival! I always love b/w photos of them, especially PMG. Don’t you just want to run your fingers through that short hair?

  10. marianrose says:

    Thank you for this gift of pictures. It’s interesting to see them at this stage of life. It makes me think about how much life they have experienced since then and how much they have accomplished.

  11. Daisy says:

    Beautiful pictures! I love the last one of David, he looks so soft and “whispy” in that photo. And Paul looks so young and fresh faced in the first two photos in particular. The last photo of Paul! I never knew it was pre S&H. I thought it was taken long after!

  12. Sammy (Samudee) says:

    These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us, F! Reminds me of that song “I haven’t met you yet.” by Michael Bublé.

  13. barancoire says:

    I love these old pic’s – great!!!
    And they had baby faces – cute.
    Later they’d look more interesting and handsome.

  14. silviabella says:

    I had never seen those pictures before, they’re wonderful! Thanks so much for posting them 🙂

  15. Melodi says:

    Oh, what fun!! Yes, they have such ‘baby’ faces, and yes, they got so much more handsomer as they got older… Thanks so much for finding and sharing these!!!

  16. Kat says:

    These are great! The one on the bottom let of Hutch peeking around the corner is one of my favs. Thank you!

  17. taass says:

    Thank you, Flamingo! I LOVE these. I put ’em on my phone to use as wallpaper. They’re beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us. It is especially nice to have young PMG pics. Seems like it is hard to find those.

  18. Hansolo5 says:

    Lovely pictures Flamingo! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Sagitta says:

    Thank you, F! Some of my favourite pre S&H shots, especially Paul’s. Nice to have them bigger and with a better resolution!

  20. Alondra Pierce says:

    Muchas Gracias, Amiga! Groovy pics of Paul & David before they were S&H.

    Alondra Pierce

  21. hardboiledbaby says:

    Aww, lookit the baybieeees 😉 Thanks for sharing these, Flamingo!

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