December 20th- Out of Ashes by Flamingo and Suzan

The SH gen novel, DECORATED FOR DEATH, written by Beano Smart with art by Frodsham McCloud, published in 1981, was the first Alternate Universe (AU) story in SH fandom. In DFD, post-holocaust LA has been reduced to groups of dangerous communes. Our heroes have become commune enforcers. Starsky & Hutch no longer remember their partnership or pre-war lives. Known as the Champion (Hutch) and the Other (Starsky), how they eventually meet and rediscover the power of their friendship is the heart of the novel. Because Suzan and I have always loved this novel, we finally decided to create a sequel as a graphic novel. Whether you’ve read DFD or not, you can follow the events of the sequel. Click on the comic to see a larger size. If the initial image then appears as a long narrow strip (known as an “infinity canvas”), clicking on it again will expand it to its largest size.

Click on the image to view it larger.


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14 Responses to December 20th- Out of Ashes by Flamingo and Suzan

  1. Dawn says:

    I’m so HAPPY! You finally did more on this awesome graphic novel. Kisses to both of you!

  2. P4UL4H says:

    This was sooooo good. I was not aware of Decorated for Death so I thank you for the link…some meaty reading to get my teeth into over Christmas.
    And I look forward to your continuation of Out of the Ashes.
    This calendar is fantastic. I’m having so much fun reading new stories, admiring artwork I could never produce and doing fun puzzles too. Thanks everyone.

  3. Duluth says:

    Oh, now *that* is an AU! For some reason, I can wrap my head around the story and it’s pretty hot! Can’t wait for the next installment!

  4. Sagitta says:

    Thank you, ladies, both of you! I was waiting for this sequel, and I’m glad you chose this medium. DFD, both the story and the art, is a remarkable work, it’s frightening to read but it’s a worth experience.
    I loved this first part and can’t wait for the next. Thanks again!

  5. Kat says:

    Ohh, good job! Wow this is great. I can’t wait to read more. There will be more, right? *bg*

  6. Kath Moonshine says:

    Too amazing for words, ladies. Thanks to you both!

  7. Sammy (Samudee) says:

    God!! That Starsky is sooo hot!

  8. anachron says:

    Wow! What a ton of work! I cannot wait to read through both your graphic novel and “Decorated for Death” — which I didn’t know about. I will be reading both once the next few days are over and I have time where I can focus on them. Thank you so much!

  9. barancoire says:

    Never expected a S&H AU Comic…!!!
    Great work – beautifully done – loved to read it!!!

  10. wightfaerie says:

    Wow. Wonderful, ladies. Really want to read DFD first, but gonna be a huge job to download to read on my Kindle. Still, will be worth it, I’m sure. The graphic novel looks amazing. I am going to print it off. This must be read from paper-lol. A wonderful gift. Looking forward to more. Thank you.

  11. hardboiledbaby says:

    Amazing work, ladies!

  12. MsMoat says:

    Oh, my. I read Decorated for Death years and years ago, and of course I want to know what happens next! This is brilliant! What a great idea to do it as a graphic novel. And, oh, what a graphic novel it is! Every panel is perfect, and the storyline is intriguing and…oh, this was a great surprise to find when I came back to catch up with the calendar. Thank you!

  13. marianrose says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing gift. The story and graphics were intriguing.

  14. Luvzebra3 says:

    I finally had time to read this. I can’t wait for more!!

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