December 9th- Just What I Wanted by Profdrlachfing


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Click here to visit the artists’ tumblr. 

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42 Responses to December 9th- Just What I Wanted by Profdrlachfing

  1. Dawn Rice says:

    I think Hutch is just happy to get the hug! Adorable.

  2. ksstarfire says:

    I am always so in awe of artist’s talents! I have trouble drawing stick figures.
    Thank you for this wonderful gift and welcome to the Advent Calendar!
    I love their smiles!!

  3. provencepuss says:

    Great to see a new artist – love your style

  4. Susan aka littlestar61 says:

    Oh my! What a fabulous artist! I went on the tumblr page and so many great pieces and not just from the SH fandom. I love Starsky hugging Hutch. Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

  5. marianrose says:

    Thank you for the fun art! Love the hat flying off!

  6. Spencer says:

    Adorable! Such a unique style.

  7. Hutcherie says:

    That’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing! ?

  8. Kat says:

    Really nicely done. It’s a joyful picture! Thank you.

  9. mvernet says:

    I love your style! Christmas sweaters never looked so good. And that one bluer that blue eye. Dreamy.

    • It is always so uplifting to get positive feedback about my style … It makes me very glad to hear that you like it, thank you! (Oh yes, these two Christmas sweaters in particular are quite handsome … *wink*)

  10. ChocolateEgg says:

    When Starsky hugs, he HUGS! Very cute!

  11. xtexan86 says:

    Very nice!

  12. wightfaerie says:

    Aww, so cute. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  13. Elaine says:

    Happy Advent! Your picture is adorable, I love the joy!

  14. Hutchlover says:

    I love your style!

    I went to your site to view some of your other art, and I see joy & happiness in your artwork. Even the darker stuff and a lightness abt it.

  15. Susan (taass64) says:

    Beautiful work!

  16. Thank you for the enjoyable artwork! Merry Christmas to you!

  17. Matsir says:

    What else can I add to all the other comments? I agree with everyone, you are a talented artist and this is great!

  18. I am really ever so glad for you lovely words! Thank you so much and I hope you’ll have a wonderful Christmas!

  19. hardboiledbaby says:

    Aw, this is so adorable! You’ve captured the joy and affection the boys share, such a heartwarming scene. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Ly888ly888 says:

    Love the enthusiasm of Starsky’s hug and that Hutch’s gift isn’t even open yet! Very nice!

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