December 24th- Part Two: …With a Kitchen Torch by Suzan

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December 24th- Home by Mortmere

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December 24th- The Christmas Closet by Keri T.

Starsky left the office of Dr. Miranda Jones with a light step. He could feel the bounce that used to be as unconscious to him as breathing moving his feet along. Dr. Jones was good at her job. They’d had a good session, a very good session. And while this wasn’t the first time in the three months he’d been seeing the psychologist that he was glad he’d allowed himself to be talked into this kind of therapy, it was the first time he could feel measurable growth inside himself. Or maybe it was measurable peace? He knew one thing for sure—he felt happy and hopeful.

He wondered if Dr. Jones had had a plan to bring up that one word today, or if she’d been guiding him to this place for the last few sessions. The last few sessions where he couldn’t seem to shut up about his partner. When they had first begun, Starsky was still physically recovering from the assassination attempt. Mentally, he was in a fog, and emotionally—well, even he knew he’d been bouncing off the walls. One minute euphoric, but the next minute filled with rage. Then there was the depression. It was Hutch who’d found Dr. Jones, and Hutch who convinced him that having a trained professional to help him deal with all the crap left behind from almost dying—again—was a smart thing to do and no different than the therapy he was putting his body through. He remembered Hutch’s words as if he’d just spoken them this morning:

Honestly, Starsk, I’m so proud of you and how hard you’re working to get your body to heal and your muscles to do what you want them to do again—no one knows like I do how much effort you’re putting in. All I’m asking is for you to put a little time into your emotional recovery, too. It’s tearing me up to watch you struggle to find your balance again. Why can’t we get some help for that?

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December 24th- The Twelve Fears of Starsky by m. butterfly

Starsky slid out of the pickup truck and stomped through the snow to join Hutch at the foot of the veranda. “I can’t believe I’m actually here.”

“You’re welcome,” Hutch said, admiring the view in front of them.

“I can give you a dozen reasons why this is a bad idea. So, if you think I should be grateful to you for dragged me into the middle of the Minnesota wilderness—”

“It’s not like I forced you to come.”
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December 24th- Turn It On… by T.M. Productions

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From T.M. Productions:

I found a new vidding program I wanted to play with, so I pulled out an old vid I made back in the day and gave it a refreshed look.  It still took me forever and a day to make. I can usually pull out a vid within three days, but I was going through a learning curve with the new program.

Back when I first worked with this music, I had no idea what this song was about, but decided it was vaguely my point of view, since it seemed to be about a TV show.  After researching the lyrics this time around, I learned that it was exactly what the song was about.
This is what I found:
Turn It On Again begins, “All I need is a TV show,” and then talks about the familiar characters on television that give the singer comfort. Rutherford might find the lyrics simple, but they explore an interesting theme: how we can work up imaginary relationships with the folks with see on TV while putting aside our real friends and family.
Whoa!  Starsky & Hutch was my escape from real life. So this song really was about what I wanted it to be about. 
I used early scenes from season one and a few from season two, since that’s when I was so pulled into the show.  The memories! The music is so upbeat and happy, and I also like to play with all the music accents in this piece.  I grouped together network contract players (Three’s Company, WKRP in Cincinnati) by show. 
The last Hollywood Show in which Paul appeared, they had a Q&A panel with Paul, and Starsky & Hutch guest stars, Tracy Brooks Swope and Dee Wallace. Paul and the guest stars explained how family oriented the set was, and how networks hired actors who were assured work.  That’s why there were so many repeated guest stars from show to show on a given network.  They also explained how current shows no longer work like this—how cold it is—it’s all about quick takes and getting out of town. It’s about money, and little artistic license by the actors.  For a nostalgia buff like me, I really liked how they looked back so fondly.  (I swear, it was one of the best Q&A’s I’ve attended, although sadly, David was not there.  We viewed The Fix and it was discussed.)
Anyway, where was I?  
To conclude, this was a tricky little vid because the song has an unusual time signature.  Something like 13/8 or alternating between 6/4 and 7/4.  If you’ve ever played an instrument, you’ll understand!  But the theme is easy to understand.  It’s about loving my show.  Enjoy!
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December 24th Gifts

by Mortmere

Safe For Work

The Christmas Closet
by Keri T.

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The Twelve Fears of Starsky
by m. butterfly

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Part Two:
…With a Kitchen Torch
by Suzan

Safe for Work

Turn It On…
by T.M. Productions

Safe For Work

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December 23rd- Minor Characters Project: Chapter 4 — Texas Longhorn: The Angel by Verlaine

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Yeah, yeah, I hear you. See you, too. Trouble comin’ to my door every day and twice on Sunday. Just enough smack in my veins I don’t care much now.

Don’t be lookin’ at me like that, white bread. Was a day when you’d have been happy to get a smile from The Angel. Oh, yeah. Fifteen years, baby. I would’ve stopped your clock.

A long way from home . . .

Naw, that’s all gone now. Should burn those old pictures. Nothin’ left but memories, and those don’t buy me any smack, do they? Don’t pity me, honey. I had good years. I made some bad choices, but in the good years I filled the cup and I drank it down to the last drop.

So what you want with The Angel?

Another rape, another murder. There were half a dozen on this block alone in the last couple months. Why should I care some rich white gal got herself killed? Ridin’ around in a fancy Cadillac car, wearin’ a necklace worth more than some people make in a year—what was she thinkin’ would happen? So many folks without any way to get from one day to the next, not just us junkies.

Why should I help the police force? All of us down here just one step away from the end of the line anyway. You want me to make it easier to take a couple of brothers down? I need a better reason than just Huggy Bear’s say-so.

Awful young though, even if she was married. Little bitty blonde thing, she never stood a chance. They must’ve hurt her so bad before she died. Lemme tell you, I know what it’s like. I’ve been on the road alone too, and men thinkin’ they had a right to me just ’cause I was there and they felt like it. Nobody to help me, nobody to hear me cryin’ to the Lord . . .

Poor little girl. All alone out on the road in the dark.

I’ll tell you what you wanna know. You watch out for the devil in those two. Brown bread, he just a regular hype, sold his soul to the needle and goin’ down fast. But white bread, with the tattoos? He don’t fear God or man. For him, the sunset is coming, and he wants to watch the world burn while the sun goes down. When you catch him, he’ll try and take you out first.

Sunset’s coming.

A long way from home . . .

You wanna watch that man of hers. He’ll be hurtin’ and he’ll be raging. He’ll feel hollow inside, with nothing but pain left to fill him up. Might be he takes it out on himself, might be he hits out at somebody else. Man loses his woman that way, it curdles his soul. My granddaddy was never right . . .

Poor baby girl. Nobody to help her.

A long way from home . . .


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December 23rd- Tango by sagitta

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December 23rd- Part One: Christmas in the Park by Suzan

To be continued….

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December 23rd- It’s Been Said by jat_sapphire

Author’s Summary: In 1987, Hutch tries visiting his family in Minnesota again, this time for Christmas, and Starsky comes along. This story is a sequel to I’m Telling You which can be found here

Even Starsky was less than enthusiastic after driving from LA to Duluth in the depth of winter. Every kind of slippery road, every kind of screwed-up signage, every detour full of gravel, every spray of slush and salt they met was a new strain on their nerves, and given that every mile brought them nearer to Christmas with his parents, siblings, and Starsky, all in the same place, Hutch’s nerves had been pretty strained before they even left California.

For the last couple of hours, Hutch had been staring out the window at the empty fields and rows of wind-break trees, gray-green under a sky the color of steel, fingering his mustache, sometimes even his eyebrows, and brooding.

Starsky tried again, putting one hand on Hutch’s thigh and shaking it a little. “C’mon, Blintz. You look like it’s an execution, not a family holiday.”
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