December 1st- You Can Take the Boy Out of New York… by Suzan, Puzzles by Flamingo

Starsky & Hutch celebrating Christmas at the beach, Starsky is holding a snow globe of New York, Hutch wearing an open Hawaiian shirt

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Flamingo says:

I set up 3 puzzles for Suzan’s art just to be different. The first one is 150 pieces, a little hard, but doable:

The second one is 300 pieces, the most pieces you can have, so, it’s hard:

The third one is really challenging. It’s 300 pieces, which is hard enough, but then some of the pieces are randomly rotated, so it’s for puzzle addicts (yes, kat-byrd, I’m thinking of you!):

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31 Responses to December 1st- You Can Take the Boy Out of New York… by Suzan, Puzzles by Flamingo

  1. Dawn Rice says:

    I love puzzles , yay. Starsky and Hutch look like they are having lots of fun in their tropical paradise.

  2. Anne says:

    This is so awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Onna Karot says:

    I have zero patience when it comes to puzzles but these are gorgeous Starsky and Hutch puzzles so I will definitely give it a try.
    Thank you!!!

  4. Lou says:

    Love the puzzles, Thanks

  5. Daisy Morgan says:

    Such gorgeous artwork! I love all the Christmas decorations – the pennant banner, the snowflake lights, everything, it’s so festive! And of course, I love the smiles on our boys’ faces.

    I already started doing the easy puzzle but it’s still hard so will take me a while. Good thing it’s Sunday and I have nothing I need to do today, LOL.

  6. Daisy Morgan says:

    Such gorgeous artwork! I love all the Christmas decorations – the pennant banner, the glowing snowflake lights, all the little touches. And of course, I love the smiles on our boys’ faces!

    Love the top banner, too, everything is so festive!

    I already started doing the easy puzzle but it will take me a while to finish; good thing it’s Sunday and I have nothing else I need to do today!

  7. kat says:

    LOL! I’m gonna give it a shot! Online is different than handling the pieces. Thanks and this is fabulous!!!! Love you guys!

  8. kat says:

    LOL! I’m on it! Thanks so much for the puzzle. Love you guys! (If you see this twice, it’s because something glitched… 🙂

  9. Elaine Valente says:

    wow a tripleheader! Thank you!

  10. Verlaine says:

    That’s such a lovely, joyful image to get our Advent calendar started. Thank you, Suzan, and thanks to Flamingo for the puzzle.

  11. Pat says:

    Thanks so much Suzan and Flamingo! It’s a fabulous image (and mental images) and I’ll probably try for all three difficulties. Great start to the calendar, ladies!

    • Pat says:

      Okay, I’m probably crazy but I worked all three! I did the 300-piece first and it was fairly difficult (95 minutes), but after I did it, the 150 was easy (22 minutes). I waited until today to do the rotated-pieces one and that was a definite challenge (135 min.)
      Thanks, ladies, for the fun!

  12. Bertha Trusdell says:

    Amazing! I LOVE puzzles! These are great!

  13. Nancy Roots says:

    These were fun! Thank you, Suzan and Flamingo!

  14. Maria (MHE) Priest says:

    Love the illo! Is that a pistol in Hutch’s pocket or Starsky’s Christmas present? And the snow globe…well, there’s one happening in the Twin Cities and most of Minnesota as I write this.

    Can’t wait to try the puzzles. Thanks for something so unique to do online – at least to me.

  15. M Vernet says:

    This is awesome! I’m a transplanted New Yorker and I actually have a snow globe that looks a lot like that given to me by my Hutch. Looks like Hutch has been working out too. Wowser!

  16. EdieCee says:

    Love jigsaw puzzles and this one has our gorgeous guys, so what’s not to love? The beach looks so inviting–I’m looking out my window at several inches of snow this morning. Thank you, Flamingo!

  17. Ragdoll230 says:

    Those abs are fantastic….uh, I mean these gifts are absolutely fantastic!

  18. ChocolateEgg says:

    The picture is wonderful, Suzan! Love all the little details: the boat filled with presents and a Christmas tree, the banner, the little Santa and penguin dressed in island garb, the snowperson made of shells, the fruity drinks, and best of all, Starsky enjoying his gift and Hutch enjoying Starsky’s enjoyment. <3 The island life certainly agrees with them – they both look stunning!

    I'll tackle the puzzles later. I should be working on my second Calendar contribution. :-O

  19. LauraY says:

    I love this picture, Suzan! So much to look at, and great outfits on the boys. Thanks for creating and sharing!

  20. Ursula Angstrom says:

    Gorgeous & Whimsical! I Love it!

  21. Lou says:

    Wow, that 3rd puzzle is crazy! Loved it. Thanks Suzan and Flamingo.

  22. Garrideb (Monica M) says:

    I love how Starsky is grinning fondly at the snow globe… while Hutch grins lovingly at Starsky! Great art, and I had a nice, relaxing evening putting the 150 piece puzzle together!

  23. Susan/ Taass64 says:

    Fabulous! Gorgeous! Fun! Thank you!

  24. Mortmere says:

    So it begins… Thanks, Suzan, for this fun pic to look at all month long! I keep noticing new details every time I come back to this.

  25. Donna says:

    These puzzles are really cool and so much fun!
    Thank to everyone involved for all your talent and hard work putting together this wonderful calendar!

  26. Keri Ann Tomkins says:

    What a fun way to display Suzan’s gorgeous art! I only did the first puzzle but it was fun and challenging enough for me today. Looking forward to working the others.


  27. Jenn C says:

    Thanks for the fun puzzle! It’s a fun pic to put back together.

  28. Evil Lynn says:

    Did the first one it was fun. I am saving the larger ones for the holidays 🙂

  29. MatSir says:

    This is my kind of white Christmas! Thank you, Suzan and Flamingo!

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