December 2nd- A Fateful Meeting by DP Patricks

This story was inspired by a Friday Fiction prompt on the Starsky&Hutch Fans&FanFiction FaceBook page. The challenge? A story on a boat. As always, thanks, Paula!

Dave Starsky was glad he was no longer in the Army where he had access to weapons of any sort because three days of listening to patently insincere praise of painted-on beauty, overpriced gowns, and glittering jewelry was driving him crazy! And going nuts with a gun in your hand was never a good idea.

Why Sol, his boss at the cab company, had stuck him with this gig, Starsky didn’t know.

“Go on, Starsky!” Sol had said. “Mingle with the rich and famous. This fashion magazine’s usual go-fer’s sick. They just need you to hang around, take people where they have to go and bring ‘em back, pick up stuff, shit like that! They offered good money and I’m takin’ it! Get outta here!” Starsky had turned to go. “And you can keep your tips!”

He’d been driving Sol’s cabs for six months and had never complained at being assigned late shifts or pick-up-and-delivery runs most of the other drivers hated; he’d been able to use all the hours when he didn’t have a passenger to come to terms with his experiences in Vietnam.

Ranking right behind the month after his father had been killed, serving in ‘Nam had been the roughest period of his life. But he’d lived through it. His leg injury was finally healing and his nightmares were backing off in intensity, and weren’t coming as often.

Now, all he had to do was decide where he was going with the rest of his life. Because of his wound, continuing in the army hadn’t been an option, so he’d taken his honorable discharge without a backward glance.

Three days before, Sol had sent Starsky to report to Long Beach.

The Queen Mary, formerly the flagship of Cunard’s luxury ocean liners, had been bought in 1967 by the city of Long Beach and permanently berthed next to the white dome that housed Howard Hughes’ mammoth aircraft, the Spruce Goose. The Queen had then undergone two years of retrofitting and renovations, turning it into a resort hotel and entertainment center. As part of the pre-grand-opening advertising campaign, Vogue had agreed to do an extended photo shoot onboard the former Atlantic-crossing monarch.

The ballroom was currently the setting for a lavish party, where magnificent dresses and even more elegant gemstones were displayed on the bodies of the world’s top fashion models.

“Oh, Drew, baby, that sequence was sublime,” Gordon, a flashily-dressed, obviously gay man gushed. “We’re never going to be able to choose which shots to use for the layout. You’re the best, darling! Absolutely the best!”

“If I am, sweetie,” Drew replied, with one camera Starsky knew had to have cost two thousand dollars in his hand, and two more around his neck, “it’s because it’s impossible to take an uncomplimentary photograph of Vanessa.” Drew turned away and busied himself with a case of lenses his assistant was holding for him.

Of all the models walking the runway, Vanessa was the most sought-after.

Watching her, Starsky admitted to himself that she was gorgeous but, if he had to choose one word to describe her character, having watched her for three days, it would be… haughty. She seemed to look down on everyone and when she spoke, it was with too much superiority, in his opinion. Beautiful Bitch was the nickname he had mentally given her.

As his gaze wandered around the crowded room, voices buzzing and giving him a headache, he spotted someone he hadn’t seen before. A lean, blond man, who looked like he’d be an inch or two taller than Starsky when he stood up, was sitting as far out of everyone’s way as it was possible to get. He was intently reading a large book and writing things in a notebook. Wearing tan dress slacks, expensive-looking loafers, a button-down long-sleeved light blue shirt, and a tailored leather jacket, he appeared to be a member of the fashion crowd but wasn’t taking any part in the activities.

Hmmmm, Starsky thought, very studious. Looks like he belongs here but wishes he weren’t. Not knowing exactly why, Starsky approached and waited until the blond looked up. “If you’re the bookish type, you’re about as out-of-place on this boat as a… a tree in Brooklyn.”

The shy smile that lit the handsome face made Starsky wish he’d thought of something friendlier to say.

“It’s a ship, actually.” The man’s voice was soft, with what sounded like a mid-west accent to Starsky’s untrained ear. “And a tree does grow in Brooklyn, you know.” His long-fingered right hand — one that looked like it should belong to a piano player — gestured around. “And you? It would appear that you’re no more comfortable in these surroundings than I am.” He nodded toward the tiny straight-backed chair next to the equally tiny table he was sitting at. “Have a seat. If they need you, I’m sure someone will call you.”

Starsky sat, suddenly aware that his sneakers, ragged jeans, t-shirt, and worn bomber jacket were more disreputable among the well-dressed crowd than he’d realized. It made him slightly uncomfortable but there was nothing he could do about it. “Didn’t mean to interrupt your reading — studying — whatever you’re doing.”

The blond closed the book. “Not a problem. I’m only reviewing what I think I already know. I have an exam tomorrow.” He placed the notebook on top and pushed them as far away as the table allowed. “Had one yesterday and the day before, too. Which is why you haven’t seen me here until now.”

Starsky was intrigued. The sky-blue eyes had obvious intelligence behind them and something else… maybe compassion. It was a gaze he didn’t want to look away from. “What’s your major?”


“Goin’ for the money, huh?” Starsky didn’t know why he’d said that and the way those intense eyes instantly clouded made him sorry. “Listen, that was uncalled for. My apologies.”

As quickly as they had dulled, the man’s eyes brightened. “No need. It’s what my classmates are after. But I want to help people, make them well, relieve their suffering. Van scoffs at that. She’s decided I need to specialize in plastic surgery so we can be filthy rich.”

“Van?” Starsky was having trouble believing what he’s just heard.

The blond colored slightly, plainly embarrassed. “Vanessa’s my wife.”

“Oh.” Starsky didn’t know what else to say.

The man extended his hand. “Ken Hutchinson.”

Starsky took it. “Dave Starsky.”

“You’re the cab driver?” Hutchinson asked. “Van told me their regular go-fer got sick.”

“That’s me,” Starsky said, his sarcasm leaking through. “Errand Boy to this overblown extravaganza.”

Hutchinson laughed. “You and I must be the only two people aboard who feel that way.”

Starsky wanted to know much more about the unassuming man who was married to the extremely assuming model. “So, what are you –?” His next words were drowned out by shrieks and shouts.

Jumping to his feet, Starsky tried to get a picture of what had suddenly become a chaotic scene in the ballroom. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Hutchinson was on his feet, too, seeming to study the goings-on with equal intensity.

Two young men, dressed as cabin boys, were running through the crowd, tearing necklaces off women, earrings from their ears, and bracelets and watches off their wrists and generally making a shambles of the room.

Screams of pain and surprise were overridden by Drew’s shout. “Stop! Don’t do this! Nothing’s real! It’s all fake!” But his words had no effect on the thieves.

As one of them stuffed the last of his stolen objects in a cloth bag and ran toward the doors, Starsky yanked what he had learned was called a ‘flag’ out of the cameraman’s accessories box. It was a large piece of heavy white cardboard mounted in a metal frame and attached to a long steel shaft, used for reflecting light onto whatever surface the photographer wanted. Starsky took a solid hold on the rod and swung.

The flat side of the flag struck one of the cabin boys in the face and tumbled him backward.

At the same moment, Hutchinson ran past Starsky and tackled the other thief. Starsky kept part of his attention on the kid he had sent skidding across the polished floor on his back, the bag still clutched in his fist, and part on Hutchinson.

His new friend took the second cabin boy down and quickly locked him in a wrestling hold.

Starsky put a foot on the chest of his half of the criminal pair, and took the sack of valuables from the kid’s hand. “Somebody call the police,” he shouted.

“They’re on their way,” Drew replied.

Starsky dragged his captive to his feet and led him toward Hutchinson.

Hutchinson also stood, bringing the sullen young man with him.

The surrounding chaos was beginning to settle and Drew approached, with half a dozen hefty-looking crew members. “My men will take charge of these thieves until the police arrive.”

Starsky and Hutchinson handed them over as sirens sounded outside and uniformed officers swarmed the ballroom.

Starsky and Hutchinson withdrew from the crowd and sat back at their table.

As officers took the men into custody, others began to take statements from everyone. Medics arrived, tending to anyone injured.

Starsky really didn’t want to break the companionable silence but remembered what Drew had shouted during the melee. “Do you really think everything was fake?”

Hutchinson nodded. “Van said the insurance that would have been required was prohibitive. So they brought in the best paste they could find.”

Starsky shook his head. “Fooled me. Fooled those stupid kids, too, I guess.”

Eventually, a man in a suit approached. “I’m Detective Anderson,” he said. “It’s my understanding that you two foiled the robbery. Is that correct?”

Starsky and Hutchinson both stood. Starsky nodded. “I swatted the one who has the broken nose. Hutchinson tackled the other one.”

The detective held out his hand and first Starsky, then Hutchinson shook it. “The Long Beach Police Department is grateful, gentlemen. If you’ll kindly come to the Bursar’s Office with me, I’ll take your statements.”

An hour later, Starsky found himself back at the tiny table in the ballroom. Scanning the remains of what had been an elegant location, Starsky sat in his uncomfortable chair. “Fun’s over for today, I guess.”

Hutchinson sat in the other chair. “That’s it for the shoot, too. Van said they had to wrap by this afternoon.”

Starsky glanced around at all the people he still considered phony and probably over-paid. “Interesting while it lasted.”

Hutchinson gathered up his study materials. “I should probably go see how Van’s doing.”

“I’ll bet she’s in her glory,” Starsky said, without thinking. “Center of attention and all that.”

Hutchinson chuckled. “After only three days, you know her perfectly, Mr. Starsky.”

Starsky shook his head. “Shouldn’t have said that. Sorry. Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain.”

“Again, no apology necessary.”

A uniformed Long Beach officer approached, dragged up a nearby chair, and sat down. “I understand that one of you is a med student and the other one drives a cab. Is that right?”

Starsky pointed at Hutchinson. “He’s the college boy.”

The officer smiled. “Well, it’s none of my business, of course, but the way you both handled yourselves is impressive. Have either of you ever thought about becoming a police officer?”

Starsky was stunned. His father had been a cop, and it was an idea that had been kicking around in the back of his head ever since he’d returned to the States. He’d never brought it to the forefront before, though. He looked at Hutchinson and saw what might be a spark of interest in those blue eyes.

“Sounds like a plan to me, Hutch, but you’re gonna be a doctor, remember? You said you want to help people.”

Hutchinson appeared startled to hear his shortened surname but recovered quickly. “Cops help people, too, Starsk.” Hutch looked down at the book on his lap. “I shouldn’t admit this, but I really hate medical school. Almost as much as I hated law school.”

Starsky had a sudden mental image. “Vanessa might not be happy.”

Hutch drew in a breath. “That’s the truth.”

The officer laughed. “Well, if either of you is interested, I can tell you the Long Beach Police Department is under a hiring freeze right now but the Bay City Police Academy is taking applicants for its Fall class.” He stood up and put the chair back where it came from. “Think about it.” He walked away.

Starsky wasn’t sure what the suddenly-wary look on Hutch’s face meant. “What’s wrong? Was it my crack about your wife? I didn’t mean –”

Hutchinson shook his head, cutting him off. “Why did you call me that?”

“Call you what? Hutch?”


“I don’t know.” Starsky shrugged. “Just seemed right. Hutchinson’s too long and I got the feeling you don’t like your first name.”

“A few people called my grandfather that, but never me.”

Starsky smiled at the shyness he heard in Hutch’s cultured voice. “Well, they should have. It suits you.”

“You think so?”

“Pretty sure. And I like the way you called me Starsk. Nobody ever has.”

The smile that lit Hutch’s face brightened the room. “Maybe we’ll both be different people after this.”

“Maybe.” Remembering what the officer had suggested, Starsky tried to tamp down the excitement that was beginning to pump through him. “Did you mean what you said, before?” he asked. “Cops help people, too?”

Hutch made eye contact and didn’t look away. “Yes. I did.” But sudden uncertainty pushed resolve aside. “However, it was a thought I can’t afford to pursue, I’m afraid.”

Starsky was stunned. He was sure he’d read him correctly. “Why not?”

Another flush worked its way up Hutchinson’s face. “I’ve already been too scattered with my choices in life. Van, my folks, and her folks aren’t going to put up with much more.”

Starsky gestured toward the books in Hutchinson’s lap. “Don’t try and tell me you really want to take that exam tomorrow.”

“No, but –”

Before Hutchinson could finish his answer, a shrill voice sliced through the background noise. “Kenneth! Where are you? Why aren’t you here with me?”

Hutch visibly smothered whatever feelings he was about to express and stood up, tucking his book and notebook under his arm. “Duty calls.”

Starsky caught his arm, dug in his jacket pocket and came up with a small pad of paper and pencil. Quickly, he scribbled a name and address, tore off the sheet and handed it to Hutch. “If you can get away for a little while later, meet me here, okay?”

Hutchinson glanced at the page. “What’s this?”

“A friend of mine, Huggy Bear — long story — runs the place,” Starsky answered. “Best burgers in So Cal.”

Hutchinson slipped the paper into his book. “It’s somewhere I’ve certainly never been.”

Starsky stood up next to him. “Good! It can be part of the new person you’re going to be. We can talk about our future as Bay City’s finest.”

Hutch looked doubtful. “I don’t know. It sounded enticing for a minute. I’m just not at liberty…”

The unhappy vulnerability in those blue eyes nearly broke Starsky’s heart. “Listen, Hutch, I don’t usually put any faith in things like fate and destiny but maybe you and I were both here today for a reason. Maybe we were meant to meet, meant to foil those stupid kids, meant to apply to the Bay City Police Academy.”

“You really think we –”

“Yeah!” Starsky interrupted, putting a hand lightly on Hutch’s arm. “I really do! My father was a cop and I guess I’ve just been waiting for something to nudge me in that direction.”

Hutch still looked uncertain. “I haven’t.”

“You hate med school; you hated law school,” Starsky said, his voice harsher than he intended. “What have you got to lose?”

Kenneth!” cut the air like a knife.

Hutchinson winced. “I can’t promise.”

Starsky patted Hutch’s arm and withdrew his hand, grinning like a fool. “Sure you can. Give some excuse to Van and meet me tonight. We don’t have to make any decisions; we’ll just talk about possibilities.”

Like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, Hutch smiled for the second time since the attempted robbery. “Okay. I will. What time?”

“Whenever you can get there,” Starsky replied. “I’ll wait for ya!”

Hutch nodded. “All right then. Later.” With that, he turned away, still smiling.

Starsky watched him walk across the room and knew, instinctively, he’d met the man who was going to be his best friend in the whole world.

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63 Responses to December 2nd- A Fateful Meeting by DP Patricks

  1. Nancy Roots says:

    Oh, Pat!!
    This was great! And it rang true that fate would have them meet like this. SIGH.

    Two strangers have met
    Due to randomness or fate
    And their lives were changed

    • Pat says:

      Thank you so much, Nancy; I’m really glad you enjoyed it. The ‘on a boat’ challenge brought to my mind the Queen Mary and the rest just fell into place. I’m grateful for your reading and then taking the time to let me know you liked it.

      If it was kismet
      It might have gotten past them
      Except for the thieves

  2. Jenny Callaghan Conti says:

    This is such a plausible scenario. I love how the two of them leapt into action! Thanks for the gift.

    • Pat says:

      I’m really glad you found it a plausible scenario, Jenny, and you’re more than welcome! Thanks for reading and then commenting. They are much appreciated!

  3. Ardis J Mason says:

    Fun story. Thanks.

  4. Spencer says:

    I absolutely love this, Pat. The idea of Starsky as a NY cabbie is perfection. And then the meeting with Hutch and Vanessa! I think this needs to be made into a series. And you’re just the one to do it! Happy holidays, partner.

    • Pat says:

      Wonderful to hear from you, Spencer, and thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve been meaning to write to you with congratulations on our shared award (fantastic, wasn’t it????) but haven’t found the time. Please consider yourself congratulated, my friend.
      I’m so glad you think the characters and scenario worked. As for a ‘series’ from it? The Guys did eighty-eight episodes, didn’t they? (wish I had emojis available) Thanks, again, Spence, and I’ll treasure the first sentence of your comment.

  5. jat_sapphire says:

    Thank you, Pat! Cute and sweet (except for Van). The two of them are believably characterized. I like the setting!

    • Pat says:

      What lovely things to say, jat_sapphire (except for Van, of course); I’m so glad you found the characterizations believable and liked the setting. If you ever get out to the L.A. area, make a point of driving down to the Queen for at least a tour. It’s quite lovely.
      Thanks for reading and then for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m appreciative of both!

  6. kat says:

    A very interesting and believable “first meeting” story. I liked it a lot! Thank you.

    • Pat says:

      You’re welcome, kat! I’m glad you found it believable; that makes me happy. Thanks for reading and then leaving your kind comment. Both are appreciated.

  7. Pat says:

    Aw, Flamingo and Elves, you’ve put together a perfect picture of our youthful boys, and set them aboard a luxury liner. What an inspired image for my story! Thank you so very much!

  8. M Vernet says:

    Merry Christmas, Pat! I loved this version of how the guys met. I have always wondered how Hutch got to the BC academy from being a college boy in Duluth. This makes sense. I like how Starsky is dealing with his time in Vietnam and how he is drawn to Hutch.

    I think I watched a youtube interview with the creator of S&H who said that he had in mind a rich, intelligent, college educated, detective paired with a tough, cocky streetwise NY cop. I think your story would have pleased him!

    • Pat says:

      Merry Christmas to you, as well, M Vernet; it’s really grand to hear from you!

      I’ve written several ‘how they met’ stories but this one, needing to be set “on a boat” for the writing challenge, came to me when I thought about – and then verified – my memory of when the Queen came to Long Beach. I’ve been there a number of times for various reasons and it just seemed like the perfect place to set the story. I’m really happy that you think so, too. I believe I saw that interview with Bill Blinn and I hope you’re right.

      My thanks for reading and then for writing your detailed comment. They both mean a lot to me!

  9. ROBIN KELLEY says:

    Loved the story so much. New take on their first meeting.

    • Pat says:

      Thank you, Robin, I’m very glad you loved it; that makes my whole week! Yes, I was trying for something a little different from all the other ‘meet’ stories I’ve read (and written myself). Thanks for reading, and then for your sweet LOC.

  10. Maria (MHE) Priest says:

    What a delightful gift! Brilliant to use the Queen Mary as the boat/ship for the prompt. What’s also brilliant is how you brought them together. Great job bringing out their pasts so succinctly. All of it so well done. Thanks!

    • Pat says:

      You’re welcome, Maria, I’m really happy that you enjoyed it. I love writing to prompts and this one just seemed to need the Queen. Thanks very much for reading and then for taking the time to comment. I’m indebted, my friend.

  11. Carol Learned says:

    Love it, left me looking for that meeting at Huggy’s

    • Pat says:

      Thanks so much, Carol, not only for the kind words but for the story idea. I have to admit I hadn’t thought about carrying this to on Huggy’s, but you’ve planted the seed. We’ll see how it germinates.
      Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  12. Jenn C says:

    A little history thrown in to the story makes a great setting for their first meeting 🙂 Thanks for your gift!

    • Pat says:

      What a nice thing to say, Jenn C; I’m always afraid my little ‘details’ are too much for readers. I’ve been on the Queen Mary and she’s quite a treat; I thought she’d be a wonderful setting for this fateful meeting. You’re very welcome and I thank you for reading, then for leaving your lovely comment.

  13. Lou says:

    That was great!! Totally believable. Really like how you brought Huggy in also. However, it was too short! lol ???? to??‍♂️??‍♂️

    • Pat says:

      Wow, what a wonderful comment, Lou, THANK YOU!!! (where are you getting the emojis? I don’t seem to have them available. arghhhhhh)
      Your ‘totally believable’ makes me very happy and of course I felt their first real meeting needed to be at Huggy’s (glad you approve). And, now that Carol Learned, above, has suggested that meeting be written, I’ll see what I can do about accommodating both of your requests. Thanks, not only for reading my little tale, but then for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it.

  14. Bertha Trusdell says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was a believable encounter and the characters sounded true to form.

    Thank you for the excellent gift!

    • Pat says:

      You are most welcome, Berta. I’m glad you found it a thoroughly enjoyable story and that the encounter was believable. The fact that the characters sounded true to form is a real bonus for me. Thank you so very much!

  15. Garrideb (Monica M) says:

    What an inspired setting for a meeting-for-the-first time story! I love how they instantly click, and move together as a team. And I love the detail that insurance costs were too high to bring actual gems aboard the Queen Mary, so the jewelry is fake. That kind of curveball makes it feel even more like Starsky & Hutch.

    • Pat says:

      Really happy to hear from you, Monica, and especially with your extremely kind words. That little insurance-costs detail just wrote itself, so I’m glad you think it made the story sound “even more like Starsky & Hutch.” What a nice thing to say! Thanks for reading and then for your detailed comment. I’m grateful for both!

  16. ChocolateEgg says:

    This was very entertaining. I loved shy Hutch and unshy Starsky. The take-down of the thieves was great, showing that both men were meant to foilers of crime. 😉 Add to that the detective recognizing their skill and encouraging them to join as another sign that they were meant to be cops and partners. <3

    • Pat says:

      Thank you so much, ChocolateEgg, not only for reading, but then for letting me know which parts you found particularly enjoyable. That means a great deal to me! “shy Hutch and unshy Starsky” what a great description; love it, and I’m happy that you picked up on what I was attempting to convey. I figured having them meet and almost immediately show their potential police skills might be a cool thing to do; I’m glad it worked for you. Thanks, again, and Happy Holidays!

  17. Hilly says:

    Lovely read-thank you xxxxx

    • Pat says:

      You’re more than welcome, Hilly. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for writing (but you might want to have your keyboard checked, it seems to be running x’s together )(mine, too, now) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Anne says:

    I loved this. I could totally see this being the way the met and decided to become police officers. Thanks so much!

    • Pat says:

      You’re welcome, Anne. It makes my day as a writer to have a reader say they can ‘totally see’ my story. You’ve made my day, and I thank you so much!

  19. Teresa Zingg says:

    That was a great first time meeting! Love this story??

    • Pat says:

      Thank you, Teresa Zingg! (wish I had hearts available; I’d send some back to you) I’m glad you enjoyed the story and then took the time to let me know you did. That means a great deal to me. THANK YOU.

  20. Susan/taass64 says:

    Pat, that’s one of the BEST backstory early guys I have ever read. I love it!!!

    • Pat says:

      Aw, thank you, Susan, I’m so very glad you loved it that much (three exclamations marks’ worth!!!) I’m thrilled that you and other readers are enjoying the story and then taking the time, in this busy season, to leave a comment. I’m grateful, my friend.

  21. Mortmere says:

    I enjoy first-meeting stories, and this one is no exception – as others have said, the story feels believable – and that last sentence is just wonderful: I can feel Starsky’s excitement. I also loved imagining the boys in that setting, and thanks to the elves, I can see them right there!

    • Pat says:

      I must enjoy first-meeting stories, too, Mortmere, because I’ve written several, I think, and I loved writing this one. Isn’t that image the Elves put together wonderful?! Thanks so much for reading and then taking the time to leave your kind words. I’m much appreciative!

  22. Elaine says:

    This was a great story! I didn’t know anything about the Queen and now I want to go to LA. I also wasn’t aware that galas like that use fake jewelry (I’ll have to see if I can dig out info on awards shows…the big stars always seem so bling–y). I love the way Starsky spoke his mind and apologizing, while Hutch agreed with everything he said. Thank you for your precious Christmas gift!

    • Pat says:

      You’re very welcome, Elaine, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it. This wasn’t a ‘gala’, it was a photo-shoot for a magazine. When celebrities appear at awards shows, I’m positive the glittery stuff is absolutely real! By all means go to L.A. and make a visit to the Queen; she’ll love your company!
      Thanks for reading and then for leaving your kind comment; I’ll treasure your last three words.

  23. Daisy Morgan says:

    Loved this story, Pat! It’s actually the first “met for the first time” story I’ve ever read, and it’s perfect!

    I loved how they naturally fell into calling each other “Hutch” and “Starsk” as if they were always meant to be friends but had to wait until fate could put them together in the same place. And I also loved how they so easily worked together without even thinking about it.

    I also never knew the Queen Mary was in Long Beach; so I learned something as well!

    BTW, I think people are able to insert emojis because they’re typing the comment on their phone or tablet. I’m on my PC right now and I don’t have emojis.

    • Pat says:

      Thank you, Daisy Morgan! I’m surprised that this is the initial ‘meeting for the first time’ story you’ve read – there are seemingly hundreds ‘out there.’ But I’m thrilled that you enjoyed mine so much; it sure was a lot of fun to write!

      You picked up on all the ‘them’ emotions and interactions I was attempting to convey and that means a lot to me. I really appreciate your taking the time to detail them for me.

      I hope lots of people visit the Queen because of this story; she’s quite a showpiece.

      And thanks for the info about emojis. I guess I’d come to that conclusion myself but it helps to have my suspicions confirmed .

  24. Donna says:

    I love this version of their first meeting! I definitely believe they were fated to meet and I’ve always loved the idea that Starsky gave Hutch his nickname. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us!

    • Pat says:

      You are most welcome, Donna; I’m so glad our ‘head canons’ agree. Thank you for reading my little tale and then for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it. Both mean a great deal to me. Happy Holidays!

  25. Laura Y says:

    What a wonderful story, Pat! Loved the way Starsky noticed and was drawn to Hutch (and immediately disliked Vanessa!) and how they gave each other their nicknames. You did a good job establishing their rapport, with a bit of playful teasing thrown in. Really nice backstory for how they met. I’ve always thought Starsky knew Huggy before Hutch. Is that canon?

    Cabbie and student
    Both in search of direction
    Find it together

    • Pat says:

      Thank you, Laura, I’m really glad you picked up on things I hoped readers would notice. I’m happy you thought the rapport, with teasing, worked. I don’t think it’s series canon but it’s sure my head canon that Starsky and Huggy knew each other first; at least I’ve written it that way a few times. I appreciate your reading and then taking time to let me know you enjoyed it.

      Friends leaving comments
      Make writing so much for fun
      than just for myself

  26. Dawn Rice says:

    Very cute ‘first meeting’s story. Loved Starsky’s assessment of Van: Beautiful Bitch, indeed.

    • Pat says:

      Thanks, Dawn, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Yep, I guess we’re on the same page with that assessment. I appreciate your reading and then leaving your kind words.

  27. Keri Ann Tomkins says:

    Lovely first time meeting story, Pat, thank you. Interesting setting, and I especially enjoyed the feeling of restlessness coming off both the guys. Hutch switching majors, unhappy in school. That felt right.

    • Pat says:

      Your comment makes me very happy, Keri T; thank you! The ‘setting’ occurred to me as soon as I read the prompt because I’d been on the Queen a couple of times and had been impressed with the splendor of a past age. And I’m glad their unsettled-ness ‘felt right.’ That means a lot. Thanks for reading and then for your kind words.

  28. MaryEllen Long says:

    What a delightful story of their first meeting. I loved this. They are so true to their characters. Great job! Thank you.

    • Pat says:

      You are very welcome, MaryEllen Long, I’m really happy you enjoyed it. I’ll cherish your “They are so true to their characters.” That means a great deal to me! Thank YOU for reading and then for taking the time to let me know you loved it.

  29. Beena Thomas says:

    This is so great and awesome!!Loved this Pat.This is a really probable situation of them meeting for the first time.Loved the rapport they could establish in their first meeting itself.Your portrayal of their potential police skills being revealed on the first day of them coming together is a great move.Thank you so much for such a precious gift.

    • Pat says:

      Oh, I’m so very glad you loved it, Beena, my friend. You picked up on the elements I was attempting to convey: immediate friendship, even if they didn’t understand exactly why; and police skills they didn’t know they possessed. I’m grateful to you for reading and for your detailed, kind comment. Happy Holidays to you and yours half a world away from me.

  30. Evil Lynn says:

    I loved the scenario of their first meeting. I could just see a bored Starsky wandering round the ship watching the chaos of the photosoot totally unimpressed with the glitz and glamour, then spotting Hutch. The robbery was unexpected and I love how they just shot into action.

    I loved that Starsky can see that Hutch is so obviously tempted by Starsky suggestion, the chance to escape and be his own person and that Starsky so driven to encourage him wanting to erase the unhappiness and vulnerability he can see in Hutch. and the ending lines….Just perfect.

    I loved this.

    • Pat says:

      Thank you so much, Evil Lynn, not only for reading my little tale, but then for taking the time to write your detailed comment. It means a lot to me to know what readers like and find interesting. I’m glad I could throw the curve ball of the robbery into it and take you by surprise. And I’m happy that Hutch’s vulnerability and Starsky’s eagerness came through. I’ll cherish your final three words.

  31. MatSir says:

    I loved reading this version of their first step toward their true lives. Once again you’ve written a scenario that smoothly fits into the S&H universe and fills out their history. Thank you, DPP and the Advent Elves!

    • Pat says:

      So good to hear from you, MatSir, and you’re very welcome. I’m glad this scenario worked well for you. When I’m writing to a Fans&FanFiction prompt, it has to be gen, so I go back to before the series, or during their uniform days for a plot. Being a fan of the old Queen, it seemed a perfect setting for a story ‘on a boat.’
      I really appreciate your reading and then taking the time during this busy season to let me know you enjoyed it. Both mean a lot to me!

  32. P4UL4 says:

    At last I have some time to catch up with the calendar… as you can see from the date of this comment I have several days of enjoyment ahead of me.
    Can’t really add anything to the comments that have already been left so I will just say a big ‘thank you’ for responding to the prompt. I love how-they-met stories so this was a real treat for me – I thoroughly enjoyed reading it – thanks, Pat.

    • Pat says:

      I’m glad you finally have time to do some calendar-ing – you have great gifts in store. Thanks for reading this one and then for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it. I loved writing to your prompt so you’re very welcome. Thank YOU for the lovely comment; I’m grateful.

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