4 thoughts on “December 4th Gifts”

  1. I’ve always loved that little interaction with Lijah in the alleyway. Lovely to see a bit more of him. And Starsky’s Hutch management techniques are brilliant. Not the easiest relationship to maintain! Thank you all.

  2. I think it’s so nice that when a child, Lijah’s parents made his brother and he’s Christmas special. Also, that getting a pencil wasn’t groaned about but appreciated!

    I’m glad that Lijah’s heart is warmed at the memories of Christmas with his own family and his friends, but it’s sad they are no longer in his life. Curiosity is getting the best of me why they aren’t, so I would love to see a story where you go into how come. (I know you can do it because you’re a great writer, and we can’t lose you to another fandom! You got that!?)

    It is sweet that Lijah has his pal, Charles, and that Charles has him to look out for each other when they can. But I feel sorry that they are living on the streets. Makes me want to cry for them and real people who do. It must be even harder if they live in the colder climates. But no matter the climate, I wonder how many people who live on the streets die each year?

    I think Starsky and Hutch trust that Lijah and Charles will spend the dollars they somehow got in their pockets on something that will make this Christmas even brighter!

    If you or anyone that sees this is interested in helping the homeless, please do a web search for BetterMissions 7 best things to give the homeless instead of money
    Flamingo–Thank you for adding the picture at the end of the story!

    1. Thank you so much Robbin! I’m hearing you loud and clear 😃 Glad you liked the story. Great idea to look at what to give the homeless. Thanks for all your observations.

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