December 24th- Starsky Hutch Rainbow Series by Mortmere

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Normally, we ask that all gifts to the calendar be new and unpublished elsewhere, however, with the completion of Mortmere’s Rainbow Series with this year’s gift (All I See Is You), Mortmere has offered us a chance to display the entire series. Being able to view the entire series in one place seemed a worthwhile exception to our rule. You can see the individual pieces on AO3 here:

30 thoughts on “December 24th- Starsky Hutch Rainbow Series by Mortmere”

  1. This is the rainbow’s end and the treasure all rolled into one. You’ve done beautiful work, Mortmere. My love and respect of your talent grows with each new gift that you share with us. Thank you!

  2. I love this so much. As I said before a while ago, I would love to get this printed on canvas to hang in my living room. It is just beautiful, the finished product blows my mind!

    1. Thank you! As I’ve probably said before, you can make prints of my works if you want to (I have a bigger file of this, just let me know if you’re serious about it).

  3. This is simply awesome. I can feel such life and love, movement and positive energy emanating from these images. It’s so great to see them side-by-side.

    So a 6-panel work of art is called a hexaptych, and this one rivals even my most favorite Medieval polyptychs (multi-panel paintings).

    1. Thank you, Lauren – though it was a bit annoying to have the series in the making for so long, I was particularly glad I could finish it now to bring some extra cheer to the end of 2020.

      (Ha, so it’s a hexaptych – that’s fun to know – I’ve never thought beyond triptychs, but the more, the merrier!)

  4. I certainly can’t pick a favorite: each one is perfect for the emotions it depicts. But, the final image? Okay, yeah, that has to be my favorite, because of the eye contact and everything those looks are saying.

  5. So very sigh-worthy!
    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome talent with us, Mortmere!
    These are so lovely…and filled with love!

  6. I am glad you made the exception to that rule.

    Mortmere’s art is to be treasured. Everything she creates is a gem.

    The love and affection in each of these images is uplifting and inspiring. I humbly thank you for sharing your talent with us. Spending four years on this labor of love is such a generous thing to do, Mortmere.

    1. Knowing the “new content” rule, I thought this banner would be just a footnote on the purple piece, so I was very flattered to see it here as an entry of its own. Thank you, elves!

      And thank you, Ursula; knowing that someone finds this series uplifting and inspiring is such a great reward for all the work that went into it (as well as for the couple of years when I was agonizingly stuck in Part Green and thought I’d never get to put the full series together like this).

  7. RE: the “new content” rule, we felt seeing the entire series as one whole made it “new” and it deserved its own entry. Thanks so much for all you’ve gifted to the fandom.

  8. Congratulations on completing the series! What an awesome accomplishment. There is so much love that shines out of these pieces, and seeing them all together literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much! 👏💖

    1. Aww, it makes me so happy to hear the completed series made you all emotional! (Lol, it did bring tears to my eyes, too – I still get angsty thinking about the two-year failure that was Part Green until I changed my plan and did something completely different with it. :D)

  9. I love this series so much. A strong concept, and a brilliant execution! I think my favorite might be green, but it’s a tight competition! So much love and joy in each art piece. ♥ Your talent is a gift to the fandom. ♥

    1. Thank you! This is probably the last series like this that I’ll ever make – I’m proud of it, but I’m also damned glad it’s done now and I’ll never have to restrain myself with this picture format again! I’m particularly happy to hear that the green one is your favorite, since it was the piece that caused me most trouble, but because of that it was also the most rewarding to complete.

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