13 thoughts on “December 1st Gifts”

  1. And there’s Spotty Dog. Love the thought that he was Hutch’s grandfather’s dog, just popping in to check on grown up Hutch….

  2. My comment is actually on the banner. What’s not to love? I especially love the pictures you chose for the wreath and the one of them as older guys (they’ll never be old to me; just older). Thanks!

  3. Wow, I don’t know where to start. Every pic is so lovely. I adore the banner and especially the wreath decorated with their photos.

    All the gifts are so festive and make me feel in the Christmas spirit. Hutch’s childhood home is exactly the way I’ve always pictured it in my head and I would love to be transported there, it’s so peaceful and snowy and beautiful. Thank you for all these wonderful gifts.

  4. Love the cover art for the 2020 Advent Calendar! The outfits the guys are wearing, the Dalmatian ornament on the tree to remember the dog from Snow Storm. The Torino ornament is great! I wish I had one! Starsky’s menorah in the window. The Zebra pillow behind Starsky’s head and the white-tipped pine cones that were so popular in the 1970s , and the tinsel garland snaked around them is adorable. Putting up Christmas decorations is exhausting!

    The reindeer ornaments reminded me of the reindeer ornament that hung from the rearview mirror inside the Torino above the Star of David on the dashboard in Little Girl Lost. (I recreate those decorations in my car every Winter Holidays Season too.)

    That Santa climbing the rope up the tree. is fun too!

    Lovely and imaginative in all aspects. Thanks so much!

  5. The guys both dreaming of their parents and how you drew the scenes is amazing, Suzan! The resemblance of Hutch’s father to David Soul now is lovely. I like that you imagined Hutch having a Dalmatian when he was a boy too. Setting the scene with Starsky on his Pop’s shoulders in Rockefeller Center where people go skating in that iconic place is poignant. The way you drew Starsky as a boy and Nick as a baby and how you imagined the faces of Starsky’s parents is wonderful. Thanks so much! I admire your artistic gift and your willingness to share your visions with other fans.

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