by Granderobino

Hutch's whole outlook on Christmas changed after he and Starsky became lovers. Now he embraced the season as one of the truly converted. The whole enchilada. The food. The music. The gifts. He especially enjoyed the gifts, now.

Not for himself. But for the opportunity to bestow on his partner some earthly token of the deep and abiding love he felt for him.

This year, since buying their house, they had decided to make each others' gifts rather than spend a lot money. Hutch decided to give his partner a series of charcoal drawings he had made of his favorite subject: Starsky.

When Starsky saw Hutch's first finished piece featuring him as the subject he appeared humbled. Every bit of love and devotion Hutch felt for him could be seen on that canvas. Starsky said that to know his partner saw him that way, made him feel... beautiful. And cherished.

This would be different from the previous drawings and paintings though. Hutch wanted it to be a surprise, so he didn't tell Starsky what to expect.

"I took a class in how draw certain... appendages," he said enigmatically, presenting the draped canvas on Christmas eve.

Starsky grew wide-eyed, "Aww Hutch. Not that I'm not flattered...but I was thinking it would be something we could hang in the living room."

"Who says we can't?" Hutch asked in a reasonable tone as he gestured for Starsky to remove the drape.

Starsky looked stunned.

In a series of three separate studies on one canvas, there were...

His hands.

Not rough looking or clumsy, the way he would have described them.

But elegant, strong... and beautiful. The way Hutch saw them. The way he saw him.

Reverently, Hutch took his partner's hand and bestowed a gentle kiss.

"Merry Christmas, love. You are cherished. Always."

Prompt: gift/present

Falling Back Down

by Monika

"You’re mean!" The snowball had hit Starsky right into the face.

"Who said I’m not good at snowball fights?" Hutch teased.

"Just wait!" Starsky grabbed for more snow. He saw Hutch kneeling behind a big tree, making new snowballs.

Starsky sneaked up, his hands filled with snow.

He lunged forward and pressed the cold mass in Hutch’s collar.

"Arghhh." Hutch jerked and fell back down. Starsky went with him, not letting go.

Covered with snow, they looked at each other.

"Goofball," Hutch said.

"Love you, too - and Merry Christmas," Starsky said, removing a snowflake from Hutch’s frosty nose.

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