Drabble - Christmas Resolutions

by Allie

"Can ya hear the church bells yet?"

"No. Is it midnight?"

Starsky checks his watch. "Five minutes. You gonna make a resolution?"

"Um, this is CHRISTMAS Eve."

"Yeah. A Christmas revolu—resolution."

Hutch snorts. His breath shows against the dark sky. They’re standing on Starsky’s porch. Starsky’s tipsy.

"A Christmas res’lution." He leans against Hutch’s shoulder.

Hutch pats his curly head. It feels cold, even through gloves. "Come back inside."

"Wanna hear the bells."

"Okay. We’ll hear the bells." He wraps an arm around Starsky to keep him warm. "Tell me more about this ‘Christmas resolution.’"

"Well, on New Years ya make a rev—res—a promise to lose weight or work out—somethin’ to make you healthier or better lookin’. A Christmas—promise—is somethin’ for other people. Like you’re gonna take the trash out ‘fore your wife asks."

"What would you know about that, Starsk? You’ve never been married."

"Just a ‘xample, Hutch!"

Hutch waits a moment. "So. Did you make one?"



"Oh, I gotta tell ya now?"

"You brought it up."

Starsky takes a deep breath. "I’m gonna be a better partner. Not gonna trick ya down any more stairs. An’ I won’t make fun of your car, and…" He pauses to rub Hutch’s belly through his jacket, getting choked up.

"Aw, Starsk. You’re a great partner. You don’t need a resolution. If anything, I should make one."

"Yeah?" Starsky pulls back and looks at him, smiling.

Hutch nods. "Sure. I’ll make one right now."

"What? What is it, Hutch?"

"Okay…my Christmas resolution…is…to…make you eat better."

Starsky draws back, mouth open.

The bells begin to ring.

"Hutch! It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas, everybody!" Starsky shouts to the world, cupping his hands.

Hutch holds onto him so he doesn’t fall. "Maybe I’ll make you drink less, too."

prompts: midnight, Christmas

Drabble - Gifts

by Allie

A tinny Christmas carol played. Starsky and Hutch handed each other similar soft packages at the Christmas party, felt them, exchanged smiles, and ripped them open at once.



They laughed, and swung the scarves round their necks, and then adjusted them on each other.

"Hey, picture!" said someone gesturing with a camera for them to turn around and pose.

Oblidgingly, they flung their arms round each other’s shoulders and grinned at the camera. Starsky raised two fingers for rabbit ears behind Hutch’s head. And Hutch pinched Starsky’s side so he made a face just as the camera snapped.

Prompt "gift/present."

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