Heavenly Debate
By Monika

Bertha landed on the silvery cloud, spreading her wings. "Ugh, it's quite chilly, isn't it?"

Amia looked at her, disgusted. "What do you expect? It's almost midnight. Where have you been? At the wing designer again?"

"It's Christmas Eve." Bertha cast a proud glance at her shiny wings.

"You should take more care of your protégé. What happened to Starsky last May is your fault!" Amia spat out.

Bertha looked down. "I remember only too well. That damn migraine! I hadn't had a wink of sleep; closed my eyes for a second, and Starsky lay in his blood, dying. I should have been there protecting him." Bertha wiped her eyes. "I'll never forgive myself."

"Hutch was desperate, ready to take someone out. I didn't know how to help him." Amia sighed.

"But Starsky survived. They all called it a miracle." Bertha looked at Amia. "But it was me. I sent him back to Earth."

"It was you?" Amia breathed out deeply. She bent forward blowing some dark clouds aside. "Let's check on Starsky and Hutch!"

Bertha pointed to the Earth. "I can see Starsky at his place. He's decorating the tree." She gulped audibly. "Is he in pain? He looks uncomfortable, standing on the ladder."

Amia smiled. "He was always afraid of heights. But look, my Hutch is by his side, holding him. I did a good job as Hutch's guardian angel."

"When Hutch was strung on heroin...?" Bertha started.

Amia went pale. "Don't remind me of that lousy love affair I had with Angel Gabriel. How could I date him? You're right. I screwed up, neglecting my job."

Bertha reached out her hand. "We should look forward, never letting that shit happen to our protégés again. Promise?"


And they kept a jealous watch over Starsky and Hutch.

The End

Prompt words: midnight, Christmas, tree, decorating. 300 words.



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