This story by LilyK was featured in black and white in the 2010 SHareCon zine. We're offering it here for the first time in color. This is a continuing story, which will be complete by the end of the advent season. Enjoy!

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Words Between Us
Part 5

Front of New York City Postcard, in color, "Greetings from New York City" with images of old fashioned skyscrapers throughout.

"Good God, S. Don't send me cards with words like "leather" and "visions". You have no idea what that does me to. Does this mean you're making a decision? I know I've made mine, and you know what it is. Just the thought makes me want to grin like a fool. I am a fool for you. I don't care who knows it, but I know you deserve time to get used to the idea. What people will think or say. We have to live in this world, like it or not, so... Hey! I saw a great movie on the late night feature. That one you like, with Bela Lugosi. I made popcorn and thought about us laughing over the cheesy scenes. Gotta go. H."

Front of"Lonesome Town" postcard. Black and white cartoon, with an image of black cat, and some music bars overhead. Caption reads: "Gee, but this is a lonesome town!"

"I called and called. You didn't answer. Guess my last note made you run. I'm sorry, babe. I won't change. Looks like you can't either. Hutch."

To be continued...very soon!

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