Travels with Flamingo:
Venice Place

These are some pictures of Venice Place I took in 2009 after VegaSH con.

Venice Place pic 1

It was late afternoon when we visited Venice Place. The building is pinkish, and still beautiful, though it's been badly abused. Some SH fan needs to hit the lottery, buy the place, and restore it! The restaurant "Chez Helene" which was active during the filming of the show has been closed for a long time. In the 90's there was an internet cafe in that place. At the moment, there is no business active there. On the other side, there is a tapas restaurant, right under "Hutch's apartment." CC, Anne, and I ate dinner there, but unfortunately, it was disappointing. Thought it was fun sitting below "Hutch's apartment." We kept wondering how Starsky could handle having all those cooking smells wafting up through the place.

Venice Place pic 2

This face on shot shows more of the changes. The beautiful carved door and carved staircase are gone, and the double windows have been replaced by a single pane window, which alters the architectural look. On the second floor, there was a yoga studio on the right side (how appropriate!). Couldn't tell what was on Hutch's side, possibly apartment, but also possibly some other business. "Venice Place" isn't actually the name of the building. If, in the episode Hutchinson for Murder One, you watch as Hutch starts his run, everything from the front door to the corner is part of "Venice Place" which was actually a small shopping mall of several businesses. It's possible a building on the right (facing) might have also been part of it, but that's no longer part of the property, having been remodeled. On the far (left) side of the building, against what would have been Hutch's apartment, there is a painted sign that talks about the shops at Venice Place. The other small stores are architecturally similar to the taller building. Immediately to the right of the building are fancy wrought-iron gates that lead to an alleyway that is an elaborate garden/greenhouse/store with very exotic and beautiful plants. I could just imagine Hutch running the place!

Venice Place pic 3 medallion

Double-headed eagle coat of arms style medallion over the doorway. I thought it was beautiful.

Venice Place pic 4 doorway

While the carved doors are gone (tragic!) I thought the features over the top and on the sides were still lovely. Floor tilework was still intact, but I'm not sure it stems from when the show was aired.

Venice Place pic 5 secret garden

This is the amazing wrought iron gates leading through a narrow alley to the back of the building and the secret garden. It was gorgeous. The plants were amazing, and Anne had to stop me from buying anything that we would have to then drive cross country back home. The building to the right of the garden might have originally been part of Venice Place (I'd have to look at some street scenes from the show to be sure) but it had, it's been remodeled and looks different now.

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