This story by LilyK was featured in black and white in the 2010 SHareCon zine. We're offering it here for the first time in color. This is a continuing story, which will be complete by the end of the advent season. Enjoy!

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Words Between Us
Part 7

Front of postcard: Four white puppies with black and brown masks, floppy ears and short tails are playing on a 2-wheeled wagon. Card has a red background.

Back of Puppies postcard, from Starsky to Hutch: "Ah, geez, I'm gonna cry but it was so great seeing you: I can't believe you flew back to LA to see Dobey (and me!) Sure it was only for twelve hours, but it was the best half a day I've had in six weeks: Dobey's still talking about your visit. You looked so good, Hutch. I wanted to grab you and... well, okay, I'm gonna say it, kiss you. I've decided that I'm not hiding how I feel any more. I thought about you for the past two days and I got a plan. I have a few more calls to make, then I'll see what you think. No obligation on your part, but this is something that will work for us. S. (smiley face after initial.)

Front of Hawaii postcard: In color, it shows the chain of Hawaiian islands with different images of hula dancers, swordfish, hunters, sailboats, volcanoes, etc. Main legent has a mermaid sitting on a sign with a sea monster underneath it. The sign, with a big sun on it, reads: "These islands were born of the night, sired by the sun, cradled in the sea, with clouds and trade winds for playmates, and a Hula-Moon for Godmother."

Back of Hawaii postcard from Hutch to Starsky: "What are you cooking up, Starsk? I
 am not going in with you on a taco slash hot dog stand! Now, a veggie stand I'm good with. Three more weeks, the doc says, and Jeff is back to work. I've told my folks I'll be heading out, and I think I'll more than likely be back in LA on the 18th. I know my apartment at VP is rented until next spring, so... can you find me a place? You know my budget, plus I'm getting some cash from my granddad's estate, so I have time to look for a job. I'm putting out feelers now. I'm thinking something with music and teaching. What do you think? Hutch."

To be continued...very soon!

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