December 7th- Starsky & Hutch Icons by SHfan


Thanks to SHfan for providing these fun icons.

Feel free to use them, but giving credit is always appreciated!





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22 thoughts on “December 7th- Starsky & Hutch Icons by SHfan

  1. Oh, these are great. I’m taking the pretty red Christmas ball to use on the me and thee Secret Santa lj! Thanks.

  2. Beautiful work as always. I love the shiny S&H Christmas ornament in particular. Thank you so much!

      • Hee…you goofy girl. When you get time (probably in the holiday season of 2016)–will you make me a “Hutch” shiny ornament? Sheesh. I am shameless, but I am a big fan.

        Thank you again for the lovelies, and what a treat to glimpse you out and about amidst all of these demands on your time.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful group of icons. Beautiful contrast and colors, they shine…
    I bet we’ll see them around a lot 😉

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