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December 24th- Christmas Cheer by Anonymous

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December 23rd- The Passage of Time by wightfaerie

Hutch glanced around the table, settling his gaze on his partner. Starsky’s love of Christmas had rubbed off on Hutch, gradually, over many years. Although, despite the many things to be thankful for; good friends, Kiko, Molly, Lisa. There was … Continue reading

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December 23rd- Driven by hardboiledbaby

Hutch drove like a man possessed, which is what he was, after all: a man possessed with the need to find his partner. Hutch simmered with pent-up rage that a sleepless night had done nothing to assuage. Simon Marcus and … Continue reading

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December 19th- You’ve Got Christmas Mail by Verlaine

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December 18th- Tracks in the Snow by wightfaerie

Author’s Note: This story is slash, hints at BDSM, and contains stress training. Nothing more than normal exercise, really. The exercise/stress part is based on David Soul’s movie Swan Song, with screen shots taken from the movie, credited. Right click … Continue reading

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December 9th- Paul & David before Starsky & Hutch by Flamingo

We reached into the vaults to find these pics! Paul’s images were scanned from old grainy magazines, while David’s came from commercially available photos. The full body b&w image of David was used, I believe, on the sleeve of his … Continue reading

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