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December 24th- On the Second Day of Christmas My Partner Gave to Me… Marshmallows! by Flamingo

(Based on a true story) “They’re both in the kitchen,” Starsky murmured. “We could make a break for it.” He looked hopefully at his captain. Dobey raised his eyebrows, bemused by his detective. “You mean, make a dash for the … Continue reading

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December 16th- Let’s Celebrate Hanukkah, 2014, by Flamingo

In honor of Hanukkah, which this year starts at sundown on December 16 and runs through December 24, here’s a sampling of Hanukkah-themed SH stories and art. If you have any links to other Hanukkah themed stories and art, please … Continue reading

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December 1st- 2014 Graphic and Previous Advent Calendars

Thanks to our elves SHaron, SHfan, and Suzan for their wonderful work in helping to create this year’s graphic. Click on the image to see it full size. Previous Starsky and Hutch Advent Calendars 2007 2010 2008 2011 2009 2012 … Continue reading

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