December 20th- Haiku by Lucy

“What are you reading?” Starsky asked, seeing his partner pick up the small paperback book. “Whatever it is, it must be good. That’s the third or fourth time this morning you’ve picked it up.”

Hutch closed the book and at the next stoplight, he showed the book’s cover to Starsky.

“Haikus?” Starsky shook his head with a soft chuckle.

“Do you know what they are?” Hutch asked, his voice taking on that pretentious tone Starsky hated.

“Of course I do!” Starsky hastily replied. “Japanese Poetry.”

Hutch groaned and went back to reading.

“What… I’m right aren’t I?” Starsky asked with a snide tone of his own.

“Yes, you’re right… to a point,” Hutch informed him, still using that tone. “It’s the most stringent and precise poetry ever written. No room to get off point. The number of syllables is locked in each line.”

“Right, I know. I remember the rules from my English class in high school.” Starsky smiled at the look of disbelief on his partner’s face. “I even wrote one once.”

“Do you remember it?” Hutch asked with genuine interest now.

“Give me a minute,” Starsky said, his brow furrowed in concentration.

“Well?” Hutch pressed for an example.

“Okay… here you go…” Starsky cleared his throat, then began.

“Tiny moth
“Seeking warmth in candle flame,
“You damned idiot!!”

Starsky sat back, obviously pleased with himself, and enjoying the look on his partner’s face.

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12 Responses to December 20th- Haiku by Lucy

  1. Nancy Roots says:

    Lucy, this is so funny! Thank you for this gift!

  2. Spencer says:

    This fandom seems to have a special love of Haikus. Each is a delight!

  3. EdieCee says:

    Love it! And it’s so Starsky. Now we need to hear Hutch’s version of a Haiku.

  4. Maria (MHE) Priest says:

    Hilarious! An oh-so-Starsky haiku and an oh-so-Hutch lecture. Well done.

  5. Daisy Morgan says:

    omg, I loved this!
    I adore a pretentious Hutch and a Starsky who surprises him with how much he really knows. And the haiku is soooo like something Starsky would come up with.

    Also kudos to the elves for that inspired pic!

  6. MatSir says:

    A million thanks to Lucy and the Elves for the laughs!

  7. kat says:

    Ha ha! Poor moth! Cute one, Lucy. Thanks.

  8. Jenn C says:

    Great! Thanks Lucy ?

  9. Mortmere says:

    Ha! Starsky’s haiku is a perfect Starsky haiku! And Hutch in his most annoying know-it-all mood – argh! Thank you for sharing this delightful little story with us (not so delightful for the moth, though)!

  10. Dawn Rice says:

    Excellent! Yes, Hutch does get a pretentious tone at times.

  11. LauraY says:

    Love it!

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