December 8th- Forever Me and Thee by SH4EVER

The day we met, I knew
Something special came to be
Our spirits were united,
Forever me and thee.

We traveled down life’s pathways
Though the future we couldn’t see —
We knew we’d be together
Forever me and thee.

There were those who tried to break the bond
That exists between you and me
But we’ll always be together
Forever me and thee.

Now the years have strengthened
The feelings that will be
The bond that stands between us
Forever me and thee.

19 thoughts on “December 8th- Forever Me and Thee by SH4EVER”

    1. Sorry- posted too soon! A tune and a singer. Now I wonder who could provide both in a lovely mushy story……

  1. This is beautiful, SH4EVER. A pledge to The One. A promise to the world. I agree with KateLyle, if it had music it would be so many newlyweds choice of first dance!

  2. Thank you for this lovely and touching gift.
    So true!
    Always friends, bonded in respect, friendship, and love.

  3. You captured what they feel for each other and how we feel about the guys and their relationship perfectly!


    Happy Holidays

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