December 8th- Love in the Time of Covid-19 by Silver Chipmunk

“Well,” Starsky sighed in early December, “It looks like we’re havin’ the holidays alone this year.” He brightened up a little. “At least we can Zoom Kiko and Molly an’ their families.”

Hutch sighed in his turn. “Damn it,” he grumbled. He was not a fan of computer technology. But in 2020, visiting was not an option, and if they wanted to see the people as close to them as blood, Zoom was the only way. “I hate not being with them.”

Starsky pulled his husband close. “Don’t worry schweetheart. No matter what, it’ll always be ‘me and thee’, together.”

20 thoughts on “December 8th- Love in the Time of Covid-19 by Silver Chipmunk”

  1. Yes, that will be Christmas for most of us. I hope that everybody will stay safe and healthy over the holidays!

  2. Glad they’re doing the right thing-bet they’ll have a lovely time anyway. Maybe Hutch can spend the time setting today’s other gift to music……

  3. A lot has changed through the decades, but it’s still grumbly Hutch and up-beat Starsky and still Me and Thee. Sweet little peek at our guys in today’s world. Thanks, Silver Chipmunk!

  4. Aww, loved this. At least S&H are together, that’s the most important thing.
    And I love when Kiko and Molly are included in stories.

    And elves, omg those masks. Someone needs to make them in real life.

  5. The masks are adorable!!
    And this little snippit is lovely.
    At least they have each other.
    Thank you for this timely and lovely gift.

  6. Is the Torino Mask for sale?

    I enjoyed this story. I was hoping someone would write a Covid story for the 2020 calendar.


  7. I can easily picture Starsky wearing that Torino mask! And lovely little snapshot of Starsky and Hutch here in the present. Just like in your story, I know they’d stick together and stay safe in isolation.

  8. Perfect! Thank you for a glimpse at our guys in the present times. I’m sure they will stay cozy and warm with each other. 💚❤️💚

  9. Such a lovely thought–Me and Thee Forever. Because we know it will always be, no matter what may come. Thanks for sharing. Love the masks.

  10. So very true to our times and our boys. And honestly, in 2020 we are fortunate that tech like Zoom (and smartphones, the internet, etc.) exists, so we can be connected to our loved ones, even if only digitally. Thank you, SC!

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