18 thoughts on “December 23rd- Starsky Calls Hutch Word Search by MHE Priest”

  1. Alas, without a printer, I can’t do either of your word searches, Maria. I did find a few while just looking but couldn’t find them all. Sorry for not being able to enjoy your puzzles as they should be enjoyed. Thanks, though!

    1. No problem. You were brave for even trying to do it on the screen. I’d need a magnifying glass.

    1. You’re welcome, kat. Hope you’ll still love ’em after I make more challenging word searches for the next calendar. (wicked laugh)

  2. Yay, the anticipated second part! I found this one more challenging than the first, and now that I’m done, I think I know why (won’t spoil it for anyone, though 😎) Thanks, Maria! This was fun.

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