16 thoughts on “December 24th- Christmas Eve by Amber Raine”

  1. Just beautiful! Another stunning video! Looks like some new techniques in this one. The visuals and the mood is just perfect. Well done!!

  2. This so beautiful. Your talent and love for the fandom really shines, Amber Raine. It’s the perfect vid to close out the Advent Calendar.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Amazing how you made all those different scenes work into the most beautiful vid about Christmas with the boys! Fantastic!

  4. Aww, that was sooo lovely. Great clips, love how everything is at night, so perfectly put together and so heartwarming. And today is Christmas Eve! What a wonderful gift for this last day of the advent calendar.

  5. Another song I’d never heard under seldom-seen scenes, blended into a lovely Christmas tale. And I absolutely love the lightly falling snow! Thank you, Amber Raine!

  6. Wow, masterfully done! I love the way you seamlessly incorporated other Christmas-related footage to extend the spare canon clips of Christmas imagery, or to give a thematic nudge to non-Christmas clips. And I really liked how clearly you constructed the scene of Hutch alone at home, trying to reach Starsky on the phone and then just going to be with him. I’m not familiar with the song but it worked well for Hutch’s melancholy and the way they seek out each other in all things. Beautiful.

  7. Flamingo wrote to me privately and gave me some suggestion to try and fix the computer problems I am having with downloading videos from this year’s Advent calendar. I was not able to see yours Amber, but I want to thank you for making it. Based on the comments it is very good. I will comment when I find a compatible device to watch it on.

  8. This is so wonderful – it’s hard to put together a “new story” like this and make it look consistent, but you did it beautifully.

  9. This is so beautiful and I love the song! My favorite part is the hard stop on Hutch’s face when he finally gets to Starsky, and he is happy, with the contentment showing in his facial expression. He looks so warm and secure to be with Starsky. Oh the feels! The ending with the two stockings is perfect. ❤️💚❤️💚

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