December 24th- You Think You Know a Guy by MHE Priest & MatSir

Series Description: Can two masters of their own domains (now lovers) for years live together without driving each other crazy? [Apologies and thanks to Seinfeld and The Odd Couple]

Part 1:  The Kitchen

…The Dishwasher Discord…

Hutch drags Starsky into the kitchen by his shirt sleeve to stand in front of the open door of their new appliance. “Starsky! What is the matter with you? You can’t load the dishwasher like that!” Continue reading “December 24th- You Think You Know a Guy by MHE Priest & MatSir”

December 21st- Brits Are Weird! by Curlew

A little story and a recipe.

“Hutch?” Starsky spoke without looking up from his book. Across the room, his partner, who had been assiduously practicing carols ahead of Kiko’s school concert, let his fingers fall on the piano keys in a discordant crash.

“Wow — welcome back, buddy. I thought you’d gone forever. You’ve been buried in that book for nearly two hours!”

Starsky put the book down on his lap, his expression apologetic. “I’m sorry. But you were practicing. And why didn’t you tell me that Dickens was this good? So funny and exciting!” Continue reading “December 21st- Brits Are Weird! by Curlew”

December 21st- The Brass Bed & Cotton Candy by Kathy K.

Black and white. Dark and light. Wavy and straight. Day and night.

David Starsky and Kenneth Hutchinson happened to cross paths on their first day at the Police Academy. Literally. The tall blond was rushing to the gym for roll call and not looking where he was going and collided with a mass of chocolate curls. Both dropped their Academy Intro books. They bent down to pick up the books, pages askew, and the blond head connected with the brunet’s. The brunet was about to tell the barricade that caused him to lose his supplies to open his eyes and watch where he was going, as the blond was stuttering some sort of an apology. Continue reading “December 21st- The Brass Bed & Cotton Candy by Kathy K.”

December 17th- Making Spirits Bright by babs

Hutch didn’t dare move as Starsky shifted in his sleep. He lay on his side, just watching Starsky breathe. He’d become so accustomed to the waves of his partner’s breathing over the past seven months that he would be able to tell the moment that Starsky had slipped into deep sleep.

Light from a street lamp filtered in, silvering Starsky’s hair, painting the lean curve of his arm, his hip, his leg.

Too thin, Hutch thought. He closed his eyes for moment and let the gratitude that Starsky was here — no matter that he still needed a cane, still needed more rest than usual — alive. Tomorrow was going to be the best Christmas Hutch could make for him. Continue reading “December 17th- Making Spirits Bright by babs”

December 16th- Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Renée/Starskinson

Author’s Note: In my timeline, the guys get into their relationship right after Bloodbath. That situation was the catalyst for their sexual relationship. That includes having them in a relationship after Little Girl Lost. I intentionally took liberties with the timeline of events in canon to fit this story.

Continue reading “December 16th- Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Renée/Starskinson”

December 15th- InSights by MHE Priest

Foresight (Hutch)

You’re royally ticked at Vanessa for making you late to the picnic for the Academy recruits. On the other hand, you’re near ecstasy that she refused to accompany you. At least your new colleagues won’t hear the insults she was sure to hurl at you and, by association, them. You chalk this up to the truth of the old adage of every cloud having a silver lining.

You take several deep breaths to calm down and plaster a cool smile on your face. You stop at the small card table guarding the entrance to the athletic field. The woman sitting there smiles and asks if you’re Kenneth Hutchinson. This takes you by surprise until a blink later you notice there are only two of those tacky labels that silently scream HELLO! My name is on the otherwise empty table. One of them bears his name, the other Van’s. You nod and smile. She smiles back, welcomes you, and apologizes for nearly being out of food. She tells you in a conspiratorial, scandalized whisper that one person has actually gone back for thirds, maybe even fourths. Continue reading “December 15th- InSights by MHE Priest”

December 20th- Home by Lucy410

He knew someone was in his apartment before he even opened his eyes. He lay, staring into the dark, listening. Then he heard the refrigerator door open and he relaxed. It was just Starsky.

He had been a little surprised that Starsky hadn’t been here to welcome him home last night. Surprised and, if he were being really truthful, a little hurt as well.

Summoned to Idaho to give testimony in a drug smuggling case, Hutch had spent the last two days in a whirl of activity. His had been the initial catch that something not quite right was taking place and so the judge had wanted to hear from him.

“I could come with you,” Starsky suggested.

“I’ll only be gone a couple of days.”

And that had been the end of that.

On the way home from the airport last night Hutch had been so tired he had fallen asleep and had to be shaken awake by the cab driver.

Back in his own bed, he’d slept well and now he stretched out, enjoying the feel of his Egyptian cotton sheets, rather than the scratchy things the hotel had used.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Starsky smiled down at him. Hutch moved across the bed to make room for his partner.

He was drawn into an embrace, which didn’t last nearly long enough.

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“Not being here last night.”

“It’s okay,” Hutch said, even though it hadn’t been.

“I wanted you to get a good night’s sleep.” Starsky looked worried. “You did sleep, didn’t you?”

Hutch stifled a yawn. “Like a baby. But it’s better now you’re here. Are you going to join me?”

“After breakfast.” Starsky stood up. “I’ve made pancakes, scrambled eggs, French toast. I knew you’d be hungry.”

“Starsk…” But Hutch didn’t get to finish his sentence because his rumbling tummy intervened.

Starsky was now perched on the edge of the bed and he looked at Hutch with a mixture of concern and love, enough to make Hutch’s heart ache.

“You never eat properly when you’re away. Let me feed you up. There’ll be plenty of time to make love afterwards.”

Hutch smiled. “Do I have time for a shower?”

“As long as you make it quick.” Starsky bent his head and kissed Hutch on the lips. “Shower, eat, and then I’ll show you just how much I’ve missed you.”

December 14th- Thanks, It Has Pockets by hardboiledbaby

“You done?” Starsky asks.


“One more,” Starsky says, and I nod.

From across the room, we hear a snicker and a snarky “Whatsa matter, ladies? Tired?”

We’ve been reduced to monosyllabic words and grunts, and no wonder. We’ve been up and going since the ass-crack of dawn. This is the last report in a long line of reports, at the end of a very long day. Continue reading “December 14th- Thanks, It Has Pockets by hardboiledbaby”

December 12th- Good Morning, Snow Shine by Dawnwind

The crime scene was nasty, the room thick with the fug of blood and gun powder. Walking outside, Starsky stared up in awe. Bright morning after darkness. Three days of freezing cold without precipitation, now there was snow. Such a rarity in Bay city, it fell, dusting grass and palm trees white. Beautiful, altering mundane into fairyland.

Hutch emerged shivering, his exhaustion evident, to lean against the Torino.

Scooping up a tiny handful of slush, Starsky lobbed it at his partner.

Hutch’s eyes went wide when it landed on his cheek. He laughed with delight. “It’s snowing!”

Made Starsky’s Christmas.