December 19th- White Christmas by Daisy Morgan

“…may your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white…” Starsky sang along enthusiastically with the closing lyrics as Hutch stood up and turned off the TV.

“That’s my favorite Christmas movie. I miss havin’ a white Christmas,” he mused wistfully. “Don’t you, Hutch?”

“Sometimes. Although I don’t exactly miss the single-digit Minnesota winters or having to shovel three feet of snow off the driveway.” Hutch paused to pull something off the tree. “Trick or treat?” he asked suddenly, standing in front of the sofa where Starsky was sitting.

“You feelin’ okay, Blondie? I think you’ve mixed up your holidays.”

“Just answer the question, little boy. Do you want a trick? Or a treat?”

“Hmm,” Starsky considered carefully. To be honest, he was a bit wary about choosing a trick. After all, this was Hutch they were talking about, and while Starsky usually enjoyed his partner’s pranks, they could sometimes be a tad on the mean side. It was better if Starsky didn’t see them coming.

“How ’bout a treat?”

“Good choice. Close your eyes and open wide. I’m about to put something long, stiff and pink in your mouth. Something that you’ll agree tastes better than your favorite enchilada with extra onions. Something you’ve been waiting for….”

“Umm,” Starsky replied dreamily, closing his eyes and opening his mouth in anticipation, eagerly awaiting the entry of Hutch’s cock. As he felt something hard and slick slide teasingly across his tongue, he became dimly aware of a faint peppermint taste (flavored lube?) before he realized it wasn’t at all the kind of treat he had been expecting.

“Hey, what’s this?” he exclaimed, opening his eyes and jerking his head back to observe the object that Hutch was holding in his hand. It was a candy cane.

“No fair, Hutch! I said a treat, not a trick!”

“Who says that was a trick? Don’t you consider a candy cane to be a treat?”

“No, I don’t, and neither do you. And it’s most certainly not better than an enchilada with extra onions.”

“Oh I see, next time I should just shove an enchilada in your mouth then, huh?”

“You better shove your cock in my mouth right now, before I shove an enchilada down your throat with a double dose of extra onions.”

“Would that enchilada be long and stiff or short and floppy?”

“How ’bout I pull it outta my pants and we can find out?”

“What?” Hutch laughed. “Are we mixing metaphors now?”

“Mix this, hotshot. Now sit down and close those beautiful blue eyes of yours.” Hutch did as he was told, as Starsky, now standing in front of the sofa, unbuttoned his super-tight, low-waisted jeans and shoved them roughly, along with his underwear, down to mid-thigh.

“Open wide,” Starsky commanded, “and stick out your tongue, like you’re catching falling snow from above. Snow…snow…snowwww-ohhh,” he singsonged off key. Hutch laughed and parted his lips in compliance as Starsky plunged his cock into his partner’s eager mouth.

“Now tell me, does this taste better than a candy cane?”

Hutch nodded in the affirmative.

“Does it taste better than an enchilada with extra onions?”

Hutch mumbled something in reply.

“What was that?”

Pulling his mouth away briefly, he repeated his answer. “You know I don’t like enchiladas, Starsk.”

Starsky pushed himself back into Hutch’s mouth and gently rocked back and forth. “Does it taste better than those putrefied goat’s milk shakes you like to indulge in every morning?”

Hutch reluctantly pulled away again to answer. “I’m not sure I can compare your cock to my morning shake. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, seeing as how one’s a solid and one’s a liquid.”

“Okay, then,” Starsky replied, thrusting in and out of Hutch’s mouth. “Oh yeah, that’s good, babe.” For a few minutes, there was no further conversation as both men concentrated on what was happening, the only sounds that of Starsky’s grunts and moans.

“Oh, yeah, oh!” Starsky exclaimed, trembling as he let out a warm stream of white liquid that coated Hutch’s tongue and dribbled down the side of his mouth. “There’s a more fair comparison…oh…,” Starsky sighed before continuing, “…now compare that to your morning shake, Blue Eyes.”

“Mmm,” Hutch replied, licking his lips and swallowing. He stood up and pushed Starsky a few feet back until they were standing under the sprig of mistletoe that hung from the ceiling. “That was definitely better than my morning shake.” He pulled Starsky in for a kiss.

“I told ya it would be. It’s all natural, too.”

“In fact, from now on, I think I might want to change my morning routine. I’d like to have what you’re serving.”

“Glad you see it my way. Now how ’bout I taste your milkshake? And I don’t mean the one you concoct in your blender.” Starsky looked up briefly at the mistletoe, and then kneeled down in front of Hutch as he slowly began to unbutton his partner’s jeans.

When he’d pushed them down far enough, he tugged on Hutch’s underwear, grabbed hold of Hutch’s cock and kissed it gently all over before plunging his mouth over it eagerly, sucking it down his throat as far as he could.

Hutch looked down at Starsky and grabbed a handful of curls as his partner worked his way up and down from shaft to tip. “Oh yeah…like just that, Starsk…your mouth feels so good on my cock…oh…I’m gonna come soon…”

Starsky pressed his lips down hard and worked his tongue around the tip as Hutch’s moans intensified.

“Mmm…Starsk…I want to wash your hair with snow…mmm…ahh…” Shuddering violently, Hutch pulled out of Starsky’s mouth just in time to unload himself all over his partner’s dark curls, the translucent white liquid slowly dripping down onto Starsky’s face.

His legs trembling, Hutch leaned against Starsky and held onto his partner’s shoulders to steady himself, catching his breath before continuing. “Ya know something, Starsk?” he panted.

“What?” Starsky asked, wrapping his arms around Hutch’s legs and leaning his head contentedly against his partner’s warm stomach.

“Seems we had a white Christmas after all. Merry Christmas, partner.”

12 thoughts on “December 19th- White Christmas by Daisy Morgan”

  1. Oh my. That was hot. I was planning on maybe watching White Christmas this afternoon (my favorite Christmas movie) but now I’m wondering if I’m going to start chuckling at the songs! I absolutely loved this story–it’s hot and humorous which can be a tough thing to write–and you did a fantastic job. I could totally buy them saying every single word.

  2. I wonder if there are boxers with that on it anywhere? I’ll never look at a candy cane the same way, and for that I thank you for the sweet sweet story!

  3. Oh my, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch anyone eat a candy cane without cracking up and blushing at the same time 🤣

  4. Ah, yes, the Starsky & Hutch version of a white Christmas! Only they could “come” up with that. Fun read.

  5. That made me laugh out loud. I loved when Starsky was surprised that the long, stiff and pink wasn’t Hutch’s cock, but a candy cane- an apparently big one. LOL!

  6. Christmas themed fellatio, nice! 😉 This was sweet and hot, and funny, too! This was my favorite paragraph:

    Hutch reluctantly pulled away again to answer. “I’m not sure I can compare your cock to my morning shake. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, seeing as how one’s a solid and one’s a liquid.”

    What a Hutch thing to say!

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