December 23rd- Starsky’s Finger by hardboiledbaby

“Put your finger right… there.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah, just like… wait, don’t jiggle it around, Starsky!”

“Oops,” Starsky said, as Hutch groaned, exasperated. “Sorry. Lemme try again.”

Hutch took his hand and positioned it just so. “Can you do this one thing, please?”

“Got it.”

This time, all went well. Hutch beamed at Starsky. “Alright, you can move now.”

Starsky complied. He too was pleased with the results, but couldn’t resist teasing, “Is that all I’m good for, holding down the ribbon?”

Hutch laughed. “Oh, definitely not. Let’s finish wrapping these gifts, then I’ll show you.”

Starsky was knot disappointed.

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