11 thoughts on “December 24th- Last Friday Night by Amber Raine”

  1. I laughed out loud after smiling throughout your video. That surprise menage a troi towards the end was inspired! Great clips with fun song, thank you!

  2. So fun! Great choices of clips and timed spot on. I like how you let some sound from the show come through.

  3. I was just watching Let it Be Me again. It’s so touching and heartfelt, and I think it really illustrates S&H’s relationship and love for each other. The music and lyrics are beautiful and poignant. I also love how you included sound clips of their dialog.

  4. What a fun vid! I loved so many parts, like when Starsky and Hutch gave each other concerned looks when lyrics were about pictures ending up online. And the mé·nage à trois sections, especially the last one implying it was with Huggy! And the clips set to the part about streaking in the park and skinny dipping in the dark. Well, just all of it!

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