December 21st- The Brass Bed & Cotton Candy by Kathy K.

Black and white. Dark and light. Wavy and straight. Day and night.

David Starsky and Kenneth Hutchinson happened to cross paths on their first day at the Police Academy. Literally. The tall blond was rushing to the gym for roll call and not looking where he was going and collided with a mass of chocolate curls. Both dropped their Academy Intro books. They bent down to pick up the books, pages askew, and the blond head connected with the brunet’s. The brunet was about to tell the barricade that caused him to lose his supplies to open his eyes and watch where he was going, as the blond was stuttering some sort of an apology.

As they straightened, both wanting to have their say, sky blue eyes connected with sea blue ones for the first time. All reprimands and apologies forgotten, both were taken aback by a feeling they could only describe as home. Neither was expecting the feeling of electricity that filled their bodies, especially their groins.

They broke the uncanny moment, and speechlessly ran to the gym to start their first day.

From day one, the two men became inseparable. Neither knew what or why, but they needed each other and knew they would never again be without the rare connection that had enmeshed their souls.

Their time at the Academy went fast. Hutch, as Starsky now called him, had gone through a messy divorce and both were assigned to the same precinct as they proudly wore their uniforms and shiny new badges. Hutch was glad to be apart from Vanessa and Starsky was even happier, as he had witnessed the hurt his friend had endured at the hands of a woman who continually berated and under-appreciated his best friend.

The years passed quickly. Once they were promoted to detectives, Starsky found a bright red car with a white stripe that he instantly fell in love with and adopted immediately, while Hutch found another beat up tan, dented, helpless-looking piece of metal on wheels that he loved as much as his friend loved his shiny new parade float.

Hutch found a small cottage to rent along a canal in a quiet setting. Starsky helped with adding new paint; both worked on cleaning and fixing the few flaws of the cottage and it quickly became home. Hutch unpacked a quilt and some expensive decorative pillows he took, that Vanessa “had to have” for her pristine bedroom decor, and they sat on the floor of the sparsely furnished cottage on that first night. Starsky lit some candles since the electricity hadn’t been turned on yet and Hutch pulled a six pack they’d bought earlier out of an ice cooler and threw a can to his hard-working companion. It was a warm night, but with a nice breeze that drifted through the open windows occasionally.

“Man, I’m beat, Hutch! I think we did a nice job. It’s gonna look great when you get some furniture. Since tomorrow is Saturday there’ll be a flea market in Santa Barbara and there’s lots’a antique and used furniture shops up that way if ya wanna go?”

“That sounds like a plan. Vanessa took just about everything. I’m surprised she didn’t take my clothes, too! At least I took her precious decorative pillows that she just ‘had to have’, and she didn’t get my guitar, thank God!”

“She didn’t deserve you, Hutch.”

“You give me too much credit, buddy. I couldn’t give her what she wanted. I had a job she hated, which doesn’t pay much. She wanted the finer things in life. New furniture. Expensive jewelry. Designer clothing. She wanted the socialite life, dinner parties with fine china and crystal. She wanted everything I hated!”

“No amount of money could’ve ever bought the best thing she had, Hutch.”

“And that would be?”

“You, babe. I can see we have some work to do. She really messed with your self-esteem! I wouldn’t sell you for all the money in the world!”

Hutch chuckled. “Oh, c’mon! You’d sell me as ransom for that Candy Apple car you love so much.”

Starsky caught another cold beer that Hutch tossed to him. “Well, I’d have to think about that one,” Starsky said good naturedly as his left hand ruffled Hutch’s hair.

Hutch looked down, picking at an imaginary thread on the quilt, looking serious and a bit sad.

“Hey, blondie, I was only kidding about the car. There’s no amount of money, gold, or diamonds in this world that are worth more to me than you. You’re frickin’ priceless to me! You know that, don’t you?”

Hutch looked up with unshed tears in his eyes and nodded. “Yeah. I do know. Same goes for you, Gordo. You’re worth everything to me.”

“Then why the tears?” Starsky asked as he caught a lone drop that overflowed, traveling down Hutch’s cheek.

“I’m just happy, Starsk. Going through all that shit with Vanessa, her calling me a loser, and saying nasty stuff about you and to you… I never thought I’d feel happy again. But I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.”

“Well, I have that effect on people.” Starsky smiled his crooked, compassionate smile and squeezed Hutch’s shoulder.

Before they knew it, it was going on three am and they’d each downed four cans of beer. They were both lying on the quilt by this time and using Vanessa’s treasured pillows.

The last thing Starsky heard Hutch say before they both fell asleep was, “I love it here, Starsk.”

Rays of sunshine filtering through the cottage windows woke Hutch first. His bladder let him know he needed to get up, but before rising, he stretched, rolled onto his side, laid his arm over Starsky’s chest, and leaned in for a morning kiss. Feeling a bristled cheek, he instantly remembered that Vanessa was gone and that he’d just kissed his partner and best friend on the lips.

Starsky remained only slightly awake and, to Hutch’s surprise, snuggled closer to the body holding him.

Hutch was mortified and jumped up quickly, landing back onto the floor after getting his feet tangled in the quilt.

Starsky was now fully awake, feeling a bit confused after realizing that his partner must have gotten up too fast and once again got tripped up by those big feet, landing him straight back down. “Hutch?”

“Oh… I didn’t mean… I mean… what I did… ohmygodohmygodohmygod… I have to get to the bath… the bathroom… I was going to th-the bathroom.”

Starsky cocked his head a bit, as if wondering what was going through that blond head so early in the morning. “Okay. It’s okay, Hutch. Go to the bathroom. Be careful in there.”

Hutch knew his face was bright red as he tried to compose himself and get up without a repeat performance with the floor.

“You okay, Hutch? Bad dream? Mouse?” Starsky was still half-asleep but his concern for his partner was always a hundred percent.

“F-fine. I’m fine. Gonna hit the John and I’ll start so-some coffee. Glad the stove is ass…” Hutch closed his eyes and cursed himself under his breath at his stuttering and inability to assimilate somewhat normal words. His next attempt came out as if he was letting the neighbors know. “I MEANT THAT I’M GLAD THE STOVE IS GAS!” He felt a small sense of pride as he was able to get one full sentence out without the embarrassing stutter.

“Hey… it’s all good. No need to yell. I’m awake now! Coffee sounds good. The hot water turned on here yet? A nice shower’ll feel great.”

“Yeah. We got hot water.” Hutch took some deep breaths, took care of business, and threw some cold water on his face, then continued onto coffee duty. “Bathroom’s all yours, Starsky. Save some hot water for me.” Or with me.

What the hell is wrong with you, Hutchinson?!!! Where did that thought come from? Why am I sporting a woody!!! This is ridiculous! He’s my best friend. Maybe I’m just messed up because of all of the changes in my life lately. Yep, that must be it. I need coffee and I NEED to stop talking to myself!

When Starsky didn’t say anything about this morning’s distinctive greeting, Hutch convinced himself that Starsky was probably more asleep than he’d thought and didn’t realize or remember the kiss.

It was a great day for the drive up the coast and to hunt for some furnishings for Hutch’s new abode. They found some dishes, silverware, and pots and pans among other necessities at the flea market. An acceptable couch and kitchen table and chairs were an easy find at a used furniture store in Santa Barbara. Hutch paid to have the heavy items shipped to his house. The day was spent browsing shops that looked interesting, grabbing some lunch, checking out the pier and, of course, an irresistible walk on the beach down by the water was a must.

By late afternoon, they looked in more shops and Starsky’s sweet tooth got the best of him. They found what they thought had to be the best ice cream shop in California, each ordering a delicious dessert, and found a bench in the park to sit and think about what Hutch still needed to complete his new home. For a while, both sat in comfortable silence enjoying their delicious confections.

“What flavor did you get, Hutch? Don’t tell me — vanilla, again.”

“I’ll have you know, Watson, that I’m living on the edge today and got Butter Pecan. What’d you get? It’s colorful.”

“I think the girl that waited on me said it was Cotton Candy. Sure is good! I wonder if we could find this flavor in Bay City? I could make a habit out of something this good!”

“Guess we should start heading back home. There’s just one more antique shop I’d like to check out, if that’s okay with you, Starsk?”

“Absolutely, schweethart! Your wish is my command!”

Hutch felt pleasure stir in his groin again and begin to grow. He stood quickly so his partner didn’t notice the bulge poking at his khakis. Hutchinson! Knock. It. Off!

By the time they reached the antique store, Hutch had mentally talked his little Hutchinson into proper behavior. They looked around for about ten minutes when he saw it. It was exactly what he was looking for… a brass bed. He had to have it! Starsky agreed that the bed was perfect for Hutch’s new place. It was so…”Hutch.”

One week later, Hutch’s cottage looked like he’d lived there for a long time. All the furniture had been delivered and arranged, and Hutch had gone shopping for plants. Vanessa hated his passion for what she called “dirt and weeds.” He was free now and being surrounded by plants gave him a sense of calm and new life.

He’d put new strings on his guitar, tuned it, and even started writing some of his own music. By the third melody and lyrics he wrote, he realized he was writing about not only new beginnings, but of love… and Starsky.

He wondered if he dared to talk to Starsky about his feelings toward him? Hutch wasn’t freaked out by his feelings and reactions toward his partner anymore. He did try to avoid these newfound feelings but it was a useless cause. He was in love with his partner… best friend… one David Michael Starsky.

Starsky and Hutch had planned a small party at Hutch’s cottage a couple of months later. Huggy, a good friend to both detectives, had insisted on a house warming party for Hutch. Of course, Hutch loved the idea of a party but didn’t want their friends to feel they needed to bring gifts.

Starsky let himself into Hutch’s cottage. He’d stood outside the door for a while, not wanting to disturb the beautiful music Hutch was playing on his guitar and loving to hear Hutch sing, too. He often told Hutch that he could become a famous musician if he really wanted to, but Hutch always replied that he was happy with his life just the way it was now, with their new partnership as detectives, their friendship, and just being.

Starsky was happy to see his friend showing signs of feeling better about himself and life again. Slowly but surely, Vanessa’s bad energy was fading away.

The party at the cottage was a success and, although embarrassed, Hutch accepted the housewarming gifts happily. He especially loved the gift Starsky gave him. It was a framed picture of the two of them that Huggy had secretly snapped one day when they were leaving Vinnie’s Gym. Starsky was wearing his old wool sweater and Hutch had on a tan leather jacket. Both were laughing hard at something.

Months turned into almost two years before Hutch decided to move out of his beloved cottage and move closer to town and work. He would miss the little place and the good memories he and his partner had created there. During the time he lived by the canal he’d dated many women and although he may have had feelings for one or two, it was still Starsky that he loved. Always Starsky.

Starsky had his share of gorgeous women himself and although Hutch felt a dose of envy, he never revealed any signs of the only secret he’d ever kept from his friend.

Friends and coworkers questioned why he wanted to move away from the little gem he had by the canal, and he always had a good excuse. “Needed more room…” “Closer to work…” The real reason he had to leave the safety of his comfortable home was that it was no longer safe and no longer comfortable. No one would ever know the truth about Hutch’s ordeal with the mob boss, Forrest, except Starsky, Huggy, and Captain Dobey.

Starsky asked Dobey for at least one week off from work for both of them after Hutch’s ordeal. Dobey knew his men definitely needed time. Hutch needed to heal and fight the cravings after his forced addiction, and they both needed to deal with all that had gone down.

Starsky took Hutch to his apartment where they would stay for the foreseeable future. Hutch’s cottage was no longer friendly territory.

Starsky asked Huggy to pick up all of the vitamins, seaweed, and other items Hutch used in his health shakes, and also asked for other groceries, including fresh goats milk, be delivered from a nearby grocery store. Huggy stopped by the cottage and retrieved some of Hutch’s clothing, a few books, and his guitar, among other necessities. It was now Me and Thee time.

Starsky expected the mood swings, the anger, the cravings, and the tears. He let Hutch vent all of his feelings and simply loved the innocent man who was tortured so unjustly. He listened, encouraged, and did everything in his power to help when the cravings hit.

Hutch was still extremely physically and emotionally ill when Starsky brought him home. Starsky stayed by his side day and night, including having Hutch sleep in bed with him. The sleeping arrangements became routine, not only for Starsky but Hutch as well.

Nightmares were frequent. The residual effects of withdrawal remained, though not as severe. Hutch would wake in a panic as the ordeal he’d been through continued to torture his sleep. Frequently, he would fall asleep in Starsky’s arms after his partner calmed his fears.

At first Hutch didn’t feel the need to explain his frequent erections to his partner. He figured Starsky would know it was because of his withdrawal… that in his weakness he didn’t have total control of his body yet. Starsky would understand… Still, he yearned for release.

On the third night at Starsky’s apartment, Hutch was having a particularly difficult evening. Nothing was right. He wasn’t hungry for dinner and he felt Starsky was pushing him too hard.

“Hutch, I’m only trying to help. You’ve lost at least 15 pounds since… since it happened. You need to eat, or at least have one of your plant and supplement shakes.”

“I don’t drink plant juice, Starsky!”

“No… you don’t! You’re barely eating at all! I’m doing everything I can to help you and it’s like you’re not even trying! Don’t you want to feel better?”

“No, Starsky! I’d rather feel like shit for the rest of my life!”

“Hutch, c’mon buddy, I’m not trying to upset you. I’m just concerned. Is there anything you have an appetite for?”

Hutch stalled for a few seconds fantasizing. He had an appetite for his partner.


“I’m just not hungry! I’m sure my appetite will come back. Can’t you just leave it alone for now! ‘I don’t eat enough! I don’t sleep enough! I’m not interested in anything! I don’t play my guitar! I don’t want to go out!’ Could you just LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”

“Sure, I’ll leave you alone! Fuck you, Hutchinson! I’m going to bed!”

“Fine! I’m sleeping on the couch! That is if you trust me not to go looking for a fix?”

“Shut up, Hutch!” Starsky went into his bedroom and closed the door. He wanted to go back out and read Hutch the riot act and tell him how ungrateful he was. He also knew Hutch was dealing with some serious demons because of Forrest. Now he just wanted to cry.

Hutch lay on the couch just looking at the ceiling and thinking for a long time after Starsky went to bed. Right now, he hated himself for being so horrible to his partner. If he hadn’t been so weak, he wouldn’t have let Forrest’s men take him so easily and would have fought off Forrest’s evilness. Tearfully, he eventually dozed off.

“I’m sorry, Starsky” he said as he fell asleep.

“NOOOO!!! PLEASE NO!!!” Hutch was in the thick of a bad nightmare, again.

Starsky raced out to the living room and gently woke Hutch, threading his fingers through the now sweat-soaked blond locks. “Hutch! C’mon, babe. You’re having another nightmare. Wake up, buddy. You’re okay and safe. Just a really bad dream.”

“Starsk.” Hutch reached for his friend.

“Right here… I’m right here.” Starsky rubbed his hand lightly in small circles on Hutch’s chest. “Take a deep breath. You’re okay. I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’m so sorry I didn’t find you sooner when Forrest had you.”

“It’s not your fault. It was stupid of me to not tell you about Jeannie and what I was doing.” Hutch put his hand on top of Starsky’s that was rubbing his chest and they both grasped and held on tight, offering support.

Both remained quiet for a few minutes, just holding on and being silently grateful for each other.


“Yeah, Hutch.”

“Do we have any ice cream?”

“It’s three am. You want ice cream?”


Starsky’s smile lit the room. “That’s terrific! I’m guessing you’ll want the Butter Pecan and I’ll have the rest of the Cotton Candy flavor!”

Starsky returned to work one week later and Hutch soon followed. Hutch found an apartment he liked in Venice, near the beach and on the second floor over a restaurant he and Starsky frequented occasionally. The apartment had room for a small greenhouse, which is what sealed the deal for him. His brass bed would fit nicely and he could even fit an upright piano against the wall. Tonight would be the first night he’d be spending by himself, without Starsky, and alone in his own big bed. The panicky feelings still hit him occasionally, and the thought of being separated from his partner sparked his adrenaline.

Hutch sat on his couch for a long time, wondering what Starsky was doing across town. He tried to sleep in his bed earlier only to feel his anxiety, which still remained, kick into full gear. Being honest with himself, he even thought about driving out of town and scoring some dope. It was just a thought. He promised that if he felt he needed a fix he would call Starsky first. He didn’t want to disappoint his friend any more than he already had. He was a junkie now. His partner had a junkie for a partner.

“I’m so sorry, Starsky,” Hutch whispered to his new apartment. After lying awake for hours, he finally fell asleep on his couch.

Across town, Starsky was laying in his bed but he, too, could not sleep. He missed Hutch. He could still smell the scent of his partner on the pillow beside him. He was proud of his friend for coming so far after being abused so horribly. He still had a ways to go but he had total faith that his partner would recover from the brutal assault.

His concerns were more than just worrying about his friend’s emotional state though. Starsky missed Hutch in ways he’d never thought about before. He remembered feeling Hutch’s erection rubbing against him almost every night, and he remembered liking it, causing his own member to grow and harden. He wasn’t sure if Hutch even realized that he was hard as he held onto him nightly. Maybe it was the withdrawal? Could Hutch be attracted to him? Hutch would never admit it if he was. Hutch loved women! Stop thinking so highly of yourself, Detective Dick Tracy!

The next day they drove separately to work. Both men were exhausted since neither of them had more than three hours sleep the night before. Thankfully, it was Friday and they had a three-day weekend starting tonight. Captain Dobey assigned them to desk duty for the day because reports that should have been signed and sent were piled high.

Starsky spoke first. “You want some coffee?”

“I think I need the whole pot!” Hutch said.

“I could get you a straw.”

“Funny, Starsk.”

“You look beat, Hutch. Did ya get much sleep last night?”

“Maybe three hours… and that’s being generous. How ’bout you?”

“‘Bout the same.”

Hutch hesitated and thought what the hell. “You wanna come over to my place tonight? We could get some pizza and play a game of Monopoly.”

“That sounds great, but with us being so tired, won’t it get too late for Monopoly?”

“You could stay overnight. No big deal.” Hutch was silently praying Starsky would say yes.


“Huh?” Hutch suddenly felt warm inside, and relieved.

“I said it’s a deal. I’ll crash at your place tonight. Maybe we could hang out over the weekend? Drive up the coast? Try that new restaurant?”

Both men knew they were playing with fire, and neither would admit that they couldn’t be held responsible for their actions. Also, neither wanted to.

Finally, it was time to clock out. For the first time, the detectives felt nervous with each other.

“I’m gonna pick up some clean clothes at my place, take a shower, and I’ll stop and get us a couple six packs of beer. We can order a pizza later if that’s good with you? Hutch?”

“Yeah… th-that sounds gr-great, Starsk. I’ll see you soon back at my place.”

Hutch busied himself with straightening up his apartment and took a nice warm shower, hoping to quell his nerves. When that didn’t work, he went into his greenhouse and tried to get some support from his beloved plants. He hoped Emily was going to adjust to her new environment. Susie needed some fertilizer. He ended up talking to his umbrella plant, Lydia. She seemed to be doing well. Lydia agreed with Hutch that he should change into his black turtleneck. As he changed his shirt and tucked it into his faded tight jeans he realized he was shaking.

Jesus, Hutchinson! He’s your partner and best friend. I can probably blame these jitters on the after effects of the withdrawal. I hope I can anyway!

Starsky arrived a few minutes later, and handed the bag with the cold beer to Hutch while he dropped a small duffel bag next to the couch.

Hutch busied himself with the refrigerator, grabbed two bottles of the brew, and headed back to the living room where he took his first good look at his guest. Starsky was wearing black skintight jeans and a white buttoned down shirt. He looked beautiful.

Starsky, being nervous himself, tried for some small talk. “Your apartment’s really looking good, buddy. Looks like you’ve been living here for a long time. The greenhouse is great! You like it here, Hutch?”

“I do. It’s nice being near the beach and closer to work…and closer to you.” Hutch felt himself blush.

“You seem tense, babe. Take a load off.” Starsky sat on the couch leaving room for Hutch.

Take a load off… if he only knew. Damn. Hutch sat and took a long swig of his beer.

“You okay, Hutch? You still feeling shaky from all that happened?”

“I’m okay. I’ll be fine. It’s been an adjustment going back to work… and trying to act normal, when I feel anything but.”

The duo talked for some time, each downing a couple more Heineken’s while they ate the pizza they had delivered. Starsky could feel that Hutch was still a bit jittery.

“Hutch, do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, Gordo! You’re the only one I trust. What kind of a question is that?”

“Then will you do something for me?”

“What’cha got in mind?”

“Well, first, I want to help you relax. I know you’ve not been sleeping well at all; you’ve got to be exhausted. That’s probably why you’re a bit shaky. Let me give you a back rub. Nothing weird. Just wanna try and take some of that tension away. Then maybe you’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight.”

Hutch could not believe his ears. Had Christmas and his birthday come all at one time? Tonight? It’s only a back rub. I doubt Starsky would be thinking what I’m thinking.


“Yeah. I guess that would be okay. You sure?”

“Of course, mushbrain! Now take your shirt off and lay face down on your bed. I’m gonna look for some oil to rub your back with.”

This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening! Hutch tried to control his breathing. He was thankful he’d be lying face down. His jeans were already getting too tight.

Starsky sat on the edge of the brass bed to take his Adidas off and then straddled Hutch’s ass. “All I could find was some olive oil, but that’ll work. Now try and relax. It’s okay if you fall asleep.”

Hutch heard Starsky rubbing the oil between his hands to warm it before gently starting to smooth it into his neck and shoulders. It was heaven. If this was all that Starsky could give him physically, he’d be happy. If he could or would give more, he’d be ecstatic!

The hands moved from his shoulders to his biceps and then slowly moved down his back. It was relaxing and he did fall asleep.

Starsky quietly put the leftover pizza in the fridge and tidied up before turning off the lights in the apartment, leaving one soft lamp on in the living room so it wouldn’t be totally dark. He then covered Hutch with the extra quilt his grandmother made, which he kept at the bottom of his bed, and undressed himself, leaving on his navy blue underwear and laid in the bed next to his partner, stealing some of the quilt. He watched Hutch sleep and lightly ran his fingers through the blond locks. He looked angelic.

Hutch didn’t wake, but naturally moved closer to Starsky. Starsky froze. He was aroused and didn’t want the blond to wake and see the mound tenting his underwear. He tried to distract himself. He didn’t want to reposition himself and wake Hutch, so he tried counting backwards from a hundred. He was able to calm his loins by thinking about burritos and chili dogs and, of course, his new favorite, Cotton Candy ice cream. Now he was hungry but no longer hard. He drifted off to sleep thinking about the ingredients of Hutch’s health shakes, which chased his appetite away.

Both men slept soundly for the first time since they’d separated when Hutch moved into his new apartment. They both began to stir around five am.

Still groggy, Hutch made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself and Starsky went to the kitchen for a glass of water. It was just natural for both to return to bed and doze a bit more. Still mostly asleep, Hutch cuddled up to his bedmate and with sleep in his voice said, “I love you, Starsky. I really do.”

Starsky’s heart melted at the words that sounded like they came from a little boy and at the realization that Hutch just told him that he loved him. Love as in LOVE, not as in “thanks for dinner, I love you…” This was real.

Starsky guided Hutch’s head onto his chest and put his arms around his treasure. He wasn’t sure he could ever let go.

Morning came too quickly and they decided to drive up the coast. Starsky had been looking for another clipper ship model to start working on and there was a shop unique to model ships in Santa Cruz. They took the Torino at Starsky’s insistence, since he recently installed some pricey speakers and a new eight-track player. They sang to the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and Jim Croce. They replayed “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” four times.

Starsky did find a new model clipper ship kit he was thrilled with and Hutch found a music shop where he bought some new guitar strings, a capo for the guitar, and some blank sheet music paper to use when he created songs on the piano. They had a great lunch at Sophia’s Seafood and of course found an ice cream shop that served Starsky’s favorite flavor, Cotton Candy. By the time they drove back home they were both feeling refreshed and decided to play a game of Monopoly at Hutch’s place in Venice.

They shared looks that lasted longer than normal and their touches seemed electrified when exchanging play money. They both knew the Monopoly game was over before all the hotels were bought and after Hutch got out of jail for the fifth time.

They left the board and pieces on the floor and headed to the brass bed. Enough flirting. Enough pretending. Enough hiding. They both knew what they wanted. The real game was just beginning.

Both undressed each other slowly, reveling in the touch of skin on skin. One light. One dark. Both kings in this game of chess. Each sat Indian style on the bed, facing each other. Neither knowing what to do… except what came natural to them.

Hutch cupped Starsky’s face in his hands and smoothed his thumbs over the thick eyebrows before gently running his hands through the chocolate curls, surprised at how soft they were. A lone curl wrapped itself around Hutch’s finger as if begging it to stay. Starsky carded his fingers through the golden locks, something he’d been wanting to do since… forever.

They explored each other’s chests, circling the areolas, rubbing and pinching nipples. From the sounds each made so far, they knew they must be doing something right. Neither had been with a man before. Both were highly aroused but they wanted this first time to be special and not rushed.

Hutch pushed Starsky back onto the pillows and opened his partner’s legs so he could keep his sitting position. Long fingers caressed the dark hair on the most beautiful chest he felt he’d ever seen. He closed his eyes and felt the muscle on Starsky’s chest and abdomen. Starsky giggled a little when Hutch dipped into his naval. His hands traveled down to the more coarse pubic hair but avoided the main prize. That would come later. He worked his way back upward slowly, feeling the softer skin on his partner’s sides, his hipbones up to his chest.

Starsky closed his eyes, feeling like the most treasured man on earth. He kept them closed when Hutch’s lips merged with his own. He felt his column twitch.

Starsky gasped and raised his hips, hoping for some attention.

“Not yet, love. Not yet. I want to make this special for you. I love you, David. I love you so much!”

The next kiss was deeper and harder… tongues wrestling. Starsky almost wept when the kiss ended. But his endorphins skyrocketed when he felt Hutch suck sweetly on his right earlobe and breathe hot air in his ear. His tongue continued its exploration of Starsky’s ear, softly and sweetly, as it traveled into the outermost tunnel, working his way through each curve and continuing until his tongue was dipping into the ear canal.

“Oh God, Hutch! I think I’m gonna cum just from you doing that! Feels so good!”

“Not yet, baby.” Hutch squeezed the base of Starsky’s penis, calming his erection suddenly.

“Ugh! That was mean! What’d ya do that for? I was about to explode!”

“That’s why, sweetness. There’s so much more of you to explore.” Hutch pulled back and asked Starsky if he wanted to stop. He didn’t want to do anything Starsky didn’t want.

“Oh no, babe! Please, please, don’t stop! Ya just took me by surprise. How’d you know to do that?”

“I read books. I fantasized about loving you for so long that I wanted to get it right if I ever got the chance. I didn’t think I would, but I wanted to be ready, just in case.”

“Hey… I’m glad one of us got some knowledge on what to do!” Starsky giggled.

“So it’s okay if we continue this treasure hunt?”

“Hell, yeah! Please! You’re driving me nuts! Keep going. Your turn is coming.” Starsky smiled and winked.

Finished with the right ear, Hutch planted soft wet kisses along Starsky’s hairline and forehead, onto each eyelid, left temple, and then assaulted his left ear. Starsky felt more cherished than he’d ever felt in his life.

Starsky’s breathing hastened. Hutch was treating him like royalty. He had to taste the beautiful man tantalizing his entire being. Hutch’s neck was conveniently within reach. He tasted the luscious skin that was entirely Hutch. He had to have more.

“Hutch… let me taste you. I want to taste you all over! Every inch of your body. Please… you’re making’ me crazy here. I can’t hold on much longer.”

“Soon, Starsk. Soon.” Hutch was lost in his own euphoria as he continued to devour his partner’s body, finally reaching his core. He looked up and blue eyes met blue. Starsky definitely encouraged Hutch to keep going, and although words deserted him, Hutch understood. The next moment would change their lives forever. Hutch mouthed “I love you,” before continuing.

Starsky moaned when Hutch licked the slit of his swollen penis, watching him tongue the pre-cum and then gently swirled and tasted the head before his mouth engulfed it completely, licking that special line just under the crown. He was on the edge of ecstasy and knew he couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Hutch…” Starsky squealed. “I can’t… I’m gonna burst!”

Hutch knew his partner was close. He reached for Starsky’s hands and they joined perfectly as he cupped the tightly drawn up balls and went in for the kill, taking Starsky’s entire member into his mouth, moving up and down fast and then faster as Starsky filled his entire mouth and throat.

“HUTCH!!!!! OH GOD!!! Ugh!!!”

Hutch couldn’t get enough and swallowed all of Starsky’s seed. He’d get used to the taste.

Starsky was lost in his own post ejaculation bliss while it only took Hutch a couple of strokes against his partner’s thigh before he exploded more fiercely than ever before.

When they came down from the best high they’d both ever had, Hutch got a warm moist towel and cleaned his deposit off Starsky’s thighs, then both slid beneath the covers, finishing the perfect night with a perfect kiss.

“Thank you…” Hutch whispered. “I never felt anything like that before. I love you… I love you so much.”

They fell asleep in each other’s arms. Tonight there would be no nightmares… Only love.

~ The End… No ~

~ Only The Beginning ~

7 thoughts on “December 21st- The Brass Bed & Cotton Candy by Kathy K.”

  1. I do love this account of their lives! And I always love little additional details, like where the bed came from. Thank you!

  2. Nice! Favorite part was them not saying a thing before heading to that brass bed together for some hot love-making.

    Admin: fab illo.

  3. Fantastic story! I love pre-series stories, and post-The Fix stories, so it was great to read a story that spanned that time period. The backstory on Hutch’s homes was nice, as was the sexy back massage. I also loved all the humor in the fic. Some of my favorite paragraphs were:

    “F-fine. I’m fine. Gonna hit the John and I’ll start so-some coffee. Glad the stove is ass…” Hutch closed his eyes and cursed himself under his breath at his stuttering and inability to assimilate somewhat normal words. His next attempt came out as if he was letting the neighbors know. “I MEANT THAT I’M GLAD THE STOVE IS GAS!”


    He ended up talking to his umbrella plant, Lydia. She seemed to be doing well. Lydia agreed with Hutch that he should change into his black turtleneck.


    He was able to calm his loins by thinking about burritos and chili dogs and, of course, his new favorite, Cotton Candy ice cream. Now he was hungry but no longer hard. He drifted off to sleep thinking about the ingredients of Hutch’s health shakes, which chased his appetite away.

    Also, that’s an inspired image to accompany this story! Love the recognizable shadows!

  4. That was delightful! I love first time stories and stories that deal with Hutch’s lingering heroin addiction, and got chills when Hutch briefly thought about going downtown and scoring a fix. I also like fics where they get into a heated argument, so I enjoyed the scene where they yelled at each other over Hutch not eating anything.

    I liked how they discovered their mutual love of ice cream and Starsky helping Hutch to buy furniture in the antique shop.

    And the back rub scene and first time scene were hot!

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