December 1st- You Can Lead Him to the Ski Slope… by Suzan

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Click here to play the puzzle.

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27 Responses to December 1st- You Can Lead Him to the Ski Slope… by Suzan

  1. Dawn Rice says:

    Starsky looks so happy and content!

  2. Calliatra says:

    What a fun picture! And so well made, too! It’ll be a joy to look at this every day until Christmas. πŸ˜€

  3. Nancy Roots says:

    Thank you, SO MUCH, Suzan!!! I love puzzles and I will return to this one over and over this month!! AWESOME work! I am so very jealous of your talents!! KUDOS!!

  4. pat says:

    Oh, God, this wonderful image is a puzzle, too? I’m in heaven!!! Thank you, Suzan. This sure gets the Season off to a great start!

  5. mvernet says:

    Perfect! Skiing with Starsky, I love it!

  6. Edie M Crouse says:

    What a great picture of both our guys! Love Hutch’s befuddled “what the heck?!” look at Starsky as he glides by. Wonderful way to open the Advent Calendar.

  7. marianrose says:

    Thanks Susan! What a fun picture. Starsky’s got such a cute sweater and I really like his thinking here. Very clever.

  8. Hutcherie says:

    YAY Love puzzles! Thanks for the beautiful picture, Suzan! ?

  9. Matsir says:

    Thanks for the great artwork, Suzan. The expressions are perfect. (I’m with Starsky, that’s one expensive way to fall down a hill. I’ll meet you at the hot tub bar!)

  10. kat says:

    That is so funny. But I’m with Starsky! No skiing! Nice work and an adorable picture.

  11. Pat Massie says:

    Always a pleasure to see something our talented Suzan creates for us. Great start to the Holiday Season.

  12. TSilvy says:

    So cute!! I loved playing the puzzle, too. Thank you! πŸ˜€

  13. Jennifer C says:

    So cute!

  14. Shazta says:

    Fun and joyful image! Thanks Suzan!

  15. Mortmere says:

    Thanks, Suzan, for this fun, happy picture! (But will Starsky look that happy two seconds later when Hutch’s impressive snow wave hits him in the face? πŸ˜€ )

  16. LauraY says:

    Beautiful picture, Suzan. So creative!

  17. Wightfaerie says:

    Love this. Can’t wait to do the puzzle. Thank you, Susan.

  18. ChocolateEgg says:

    Very clever, Suzan. You know Starsky well. πŸ˜‰

    “Hey, Hutch! Last one to the lodge is a rotten snowball!”

    “A wha . . . ?”

  19. fluffya1 says:

    Wow – what a lovely and funny picture – thanks a lot Susan !!!

  20. Keri Ann Tomkins says:

    So perfect! Starsky’s expression is Christmas joy!

  21. Garrideb says:

    I had fun putting together the puzzle — Starsky’s face was the best (and easiest) part!

  22. Ragdoll230 says:

    Awesome picture!

  23. hardboiledbaby says:

    Such an adorable scene! Thanks, Suzan πŸ™‚

  24. freshcandy says:

    Lounging Starsky never fails! Thank you to Suzan! This is a treat.

  25. Mel2932 says:

    This is absolutely perfect! So Starsky & Hutch.

  26. Audrey Golding says:

    This is so grwat! Cant wait to do the puzzle.
    Thanks for this!

  27. vassalady says:

    This is a great piece! And I was surprised how long the puzzle took – all that snow and those trees were tricky.

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