December 5th- Starsky & Hutch Episode Title Word Search

Thanks to Anachron for providing this clever word search. How many episode titles can you find before you have to sneak a peek at the list she so kindly provides at the bottom of the page? We have also provided a solution for the truly desperate. We know none of our Advent Calendar fans will need to rely on that cheat sheet to solve this puzzle. Right?

Click here to print the puzzle

Click here to print the word list

Click here to print the answers

9 thoughts on “December 5th- Starsky & Hutch Episode Title Word Search

  1. Great – I printed it out and can take it to work for my work break.
    I just love it!!! Though it’s not that easy for me, since I don’t know all the English titles. But it will be fun anyway!!!

  2. Thank you for the fun gift, Anachron!

    Word search games are fun for a curl up in the chilly weather–I look forward to a break in the action when I can settle in and play. It is truly a treat!

  3. That was a nice dirstraction on my desk at work for 2 days. I had 19 and finally had to look at the list, but it was fun, thanks!

  4. Love this puzzle! OK – I missed two that I had to look up, but I loved the challenge of guessing that a fellow fan might include!

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