December 21st: A Cast of One by Silver-Chipmunk

Starsky had never skied until he was an adult, but once he did start, he rapidly got very good at it. That was what made it so surprising when he fell on the slope and broke his wrist.

Luckily it was his right wrist, not his left, and it was a simple break, nothing complicated, so it only required a cast and sling, and it would be all right after six weeks. But he was annoyed, and Hutch was, of course, very concerned and protective.

The doctor told him to stay home from work for a week afterward, and gave him painkillers to take, which it turned out he didn’t really even need. Since they were living together as lovers, and Starsky was at that time working on cold cases, (while Hutch was waiting on the results of the Lieutenant’s exam) staying home from work didn’t bother him too much. Until he got bored, which was around the second day. Continue reading “December 21st: A Cast of One by Silver-Chipmunk”

December 24th: He Never Was Very Good At Math by Curlew

Hutch glanced into the family room, where his small son was lying on the floor under the Christmas tree, reading aloud to a patient black and white dog. Smiling, he pulled the door closed, and turned to his partner.

“I guess so Viking’s more or less finished teaching Zac to read, don’t you? How are you doing?”

“Man, look at the time-we got to get going!”

“Starsky, you’re not going to be able to…”

“I can do it, I can do it!” Starsky struggled up, then swore as he put his bandaged foot to the floor, and dropped back in the couch. “I can’t do it. Pass me the phone, will you?” Continue reading “December 24th: He Never Was Very Good At Math by Curlew”

December 18th: Stay by M H E Priest

Post Sweet Revenge

Author’s Note: Thanks to MatSir for her once-over

Starsky watched every single move Hutch made as he packed his duffle bag with the last of his clothes. Watched with trepidation… hopelessness… fear. He came close to upchucking the acid lake in his stomach when he saw and heard the zipper close.

“There! All packed except for the usual change of clothes,” Hutch said a lot more cheerfully than Starsky cared for. Continue reading “December 18th: Stay by M H E Priest”

December 10th: Crisco Disco by ACL (actingcamplibrarian)

Looking back, Starsky blamed Lieutenant Berkowitz’s new baby grandson for the mess he found himself in with Hutch.

It was no secret that new life had a tendency to send shockwaves into the world. Jostle the existing folks around to make space for itself. Mess with the status quo. Just… sometimes those ripples went further than seemed reasonable, and this particular outcome was pretty far from family-friendly.

Berkowitz, every inch the proud grandfather, had been handing out cigars at the precinct that afternoon, and Hutch had stashed two in his jacket pocket — Starsky’s jeans pockets being useless for holding anything but his house keys, and if Starsky was honest he had a hard time extracting even those when he got home at the end of the day. At least the keys weren’t likely to fall out in some back alley during a chase, and they were safer in his pocket than leaving them above his front door like some people he could mention. Continue reading “December 10th: Crisco Disco by ACL (actingcamplibrarian)”