December 19th: Something to Keep You Warm by Renée Starskinson

Author’s NoteThis story was inspired by the episode Satan’s Witches.

Hutch walked out of Dobey’s office, grinning with excitement. “Guess what?”

“What,” Starsky replied, keeping his attention on his newspaper.

“Dobey just gave us his cabin for the weekend,” Hutch stated, sitting behind his desk, opposite Starsky.

Starsky looked over the paper. “What for?”

“For us to stay in.”

“Why would we wanna do that?” Starsky asked, confusedly.

“So we could get away from the city for a few days. Commune with nature- the birds, the bees, the flowers, and the trees.” Hutch smiled at his cleaver phrasing.

“The hungry wild animals, the deadly mosquitos, and the venomous snakes,” Starsky informed, shaking out his paper and going back to reading it. Continue reading “December 19th: Something to Keep You Warm by Renée Starskinson”

December 10th: Crisco Disco by ACL (actingcamplibrarian)

Looking back, Starsky blamed Lieutenant Berkowitz’s new baby grandson for the mess he found himself in with Hutch.

It was no secret that new life had a tendency to send shockwaves into the world. Jostle the existing folks around to make space for itself. Mess with the status quo. Just… sometimes those ripples went further than seemed reasonable, and this particular outcome was pretty far from family-friendly.

Berkowitz, every inch the proud grandfather, had been handing out cigars at the precinct that afternoon, and Hutch had stashed two in his jacket pocket — Starsky’s jeans pockets being useless for holding anything but his house keys, and if Starsky was honest he had a hard time extracting even those when he got home at the end of the day. At least the keys weren’t likely to fall out in some back alley during a chase, and they were safer in his pocket than leaving them above his front door like some people he could mention. Continue reading “December 10th: Crisco Disco by ACL (actingcamplibrarian)”

December 11th The ChrisYearValenRickBirthday Sweater by babs


Starsky stared in dismay at the Hawaiian Punch now staining Hutch’s white cable knit sweater. “Damn it.”

“Hey. It was an accident,” Hutch said. He grabbed a napkin and dabbed ineffectually at the blotch of reddish pink.

“Stupid arm.” He looked at his trembling left hand with disgust. “Some birthday, huh?”

Hutch tossed the napkin onto the picnic table and took Starsky’s hand in his. “It’s the best birthday, Starsk. You’re here to celebrate it with me.” He cleared his throat and blinked, looked up at the twilight sky.

Rosey Dobey came running full tilt towards them. Starsky braced himself for impact but there was no need. Hutch stepped in front of him, on high alert, still unable, Starsky knew, to let go of the need to protect. He intercepted her before she could careen into Starsky.

“Your cake, Uncle Ken. Mom’s lighting the candles. Hurry.” She peeked around Hutch, took Starsky’s hand. “C’mon, Uncle Dave. You’re gonna sit with me.”

Starsky pasted one of his ‘no, no, I’m getting better all the time’ smiles on and followed. Hutch isn’t angry, he reminded himself. But even the chocolate cake couldn’t quite take away the feeling that he was more than useless. Continue reading “December 11th The ChrisYearValenRickBirthday Sweater by babs”

December 14th: Mixed Up Doubles Part 2 by LilyK

Part 1 is here

Captain Dobey’s door was closed. Starsky didn’t stop but barged into Dobey’s office, rage filling him. He could feel the blood in his veins humming with anger and outrage. Dobey was behind his desk.

“Finally!” Starsky shouted. “’bout fucking time!”

Dobey jumped, clearly startled. “Starsky, what in God’s name are you screaming about?” he demanded.

“I have proof!” Starsky cried.

“Proof?” Dobey looked confused. “Sit down, Starsky.”

“No! I ain’t sitting down until you tell me what happened to Hutch!” Continue reading “December 14th: Mixed Up Doubles Part 2 by LilyK”