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Christmas. Cue the blond one bitchin’ about the commercialization of the holiday, blah blah blah.

But he was with me every night to help me light the Hanukkah candles. Even learned the Hebrew, just for me.

I got the biggest Christmas tree I could find and even called his mom to get the recipe for his favorite Christmas cookie.

Christmas morning, under the tree, were two tiny boxes with my name on ‘em.

First one, a set of keys. The second, a ring.

We move into our new house in January.

Basically, he proposed. Yeah, we kissed.

Happy New Year!

Got lots to be thankful for this year. My health, my job, my Hutch.

Yeah, my Hutch. We’re slowly crawlin’ toward each other. Little stuff. Holdin’ hands. Huggin’.

Huggy is givin’ us real significant looks, says real quiet-like that we look like we’re in love.

We pretend to be shocked, but yeah. We’re goin’ that way. We haven’t really talked about it, and we haven’t even kissed.

But we hate sleepin’ apart now. He’s got his side and I’ve got mine. Nothin’s happening.


Man snores. Don’t bother me none. Means he’s there and that’s something to be thankful for.

Hutch let me decorate his place for Halloween. I put a string of skeletons all the way up the staircase and around his door. He said that’s what he’s felt like, just a bag of bones rattling around the place.

I know it’s his way of saying he misses living with me. I’m thinkin’ really hard about asking him to move back in. Or vice-versa. I don’t care, as long as he’s there.

I’m back to work. No more chasing down crooks; we’re doing mainly cold case investigations and we’re pretty damned good. I was goin’ stir crazy at home.

Hutch moved back to his own place. Damn, but I miss him.

I think he misses me, too. He’s over here nearly every evening after work, bringing beer and food. Once in a while he lets me cook.

The other night, he’d had one too many beers and had slumped over onto my shoulder on the sofa.

I cuddled right into him. I couldn’t help it. He muttered and snorted and got comfortable.

It was the best sleep I’d had in a long time, even sittin’ up all night like that.

Next morning he just smiled.

I smiled right back.