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December 23rd- Starsky’s Version of Silver Bells by ksstarfire

Satin sheets, lube that heats It’s time to play in our bedroom Push in deep, push in deep, hear you scream, hear you scream Soon I will cum with you too. I will nail you in the kitchen Dressed in … Continue reading

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December 15th- Christmas Revisited by wightfaerie

“See ya later, Starsk,” Hutch said over his shoulder, as he opened the door to the rhythmic knocking that always announced Molly’s arrival. “’Kay,” Starsky said, smiling at the vision that was his partner. Sixty years old, but, in Starsky’s … Continue reading

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December 11th- Hutch’s Version of the 12 Days of Christmas by ksstarfire

On the 12th day of Christmas my Starsky gave to me: Twelve free fuck coupons Eleven French ticklers Ten cocks a’weeping Nine slow naked dances Eight penis milkings Seven sperm a’swimming Six sex on tables Five orgasmic fucks Four tying … Continue reading

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December 10th- 50 Shades of Tomato by wightfaerie

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