15 thoughts on “December 10th- A Little Less Conversation by Elizabeth Lowry”

  1. Such a fun, high-energy vid! All the clips you used for the “a little more spark” lines were great and made me laugh, and I loved how you had Starsky and Hutch running with the bomb on the ship during a crescendo in the music. The rising intensity matched perfectly! Also, I liked the “Everybody Dance” instructions because it made me think of this playing at a vidshow at a con and everyone actually dancing along, and that made me smile.

  2. Loved this! Not only made me laugh, but made me want to dance too. Clips were spot on and the guys looked gorgeous as always. Thanks.

  3. I’ve been kicking a story around in my head that uses this song, but now, it’ll seem lackluster compared to this vid! Excellent! And I would’ve danced as you “instructed” but my bum hip would’ve objected. Thanks for this fab gift.

  4. This was great! Very high energy and fun. And I agree with Monica – it should be played at a con so we can all dance to it!

  5. Everybody dance! Yes, ma’am. Awesome vid, and the moment I saw the title, even before I clicked on it, I had Elvis singing in my head.

  6. Thank you for this! Love the dance breaks. I can’t imagine how much time and effort goes into these. Well done!

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