40 thoughts on “December 12th- Finding You by Garrideb”

  1. OMG, Monica! That was fantastic! Weaving those clips into a cohesive story is just spectacular. Matching action from one show to another to another. Yes, they will always find each other. Great great great!

    1. Thank you so much! As I was watching Here Come the Brides, Casablanca, and Houdini, I was noting each time something reminded me of a visual from S&H. I’m glad you enjoyed the results!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love it! You did such a wonderful job of connecting those clips from all those different shoes. Brava! Brava!

  3. This vid makes me soooo HAPPY!!!!! I am shouting. It is FABULOUS. LOL! Monica, perfectly done, wonderfully cut and just a pure joy to watch. I’m sending up fireworks in congratulations. I love this so much.

    1. Thank you so much, kat! It was a lot of fun to make this, so I’m really happy you’re having fun watching it!

  4. omg, I looooove this so much! I have tears, it’s so beautiful and poignant. What a brilliant idea.
    “After this life, I’ll find you in the next. I’ll keep finding, finding you.” Gives me chills.

    1. Thank you! I honestly can’t remember if the idea of making a past-lives vid for S&H came first, or if the song came first, but at some point when listening to this song I just knew I had to vid it for S&H’s forever-love.

    1. Thank you, pat! The song isn’t one of Kesha’s hits, but for the story I wanted to tell it fit perfectly.

  5. Also, I’ve never watched HCTB, but damn, DS is so freaking adorable in it. Like a baby Hutch. And even in Casablanca and later shows, he looks more like Hutch than he does in the tag of Sweet Revenge. That ep seems like such an outlier in terms of his appearance, doesn’t it? The long hair and mustache really do make him look like a different person.

    1. He is adorable in HCTB! And quite handsome in Casablanca. I know I’m not the biggest fan of mustaches on a good day, and although I don’t mind long hair on Hutch I don’t think it pairs well with the mustache. But I’ve learned to live with it, ha! The Sweet Revenge footage is too good to miss out on when vidding!

  6. First, thanks for introducing me to this song. Second, thanks for picking such perfect clips to work with it! During the whole vid, I was thinking that this was their reincarnations over the many years and how their histories just flowed into the next incarnation. Anyway, that’s my out-there opinion. Great vid!

    1. I’m really glad you like the song, Maria! I really love this whole album by Kesha, but this song really called out for a vid about S&H’s love. And your opinion isn’t out-there at all – I was trying to evoke their possible past lives! I’m happy that’s what you got from it!

    1. Ha, I didn’t even notice the spelling error! 😉 Now I’m imagining a vid all about S&H’s footwear…

  7. This is a wonderful idea for a vid and your work is fantastic! Those cuts and scene choices are perfection. Thank you, Garrideb for all you do for our fandom!

    1. Thank you so much, MatSir! I’m really happy that other people like my time-traveling vid, and I’m flattered that you feel I contribute to the fandom. ♥

  8. Fantastic job weaving all the different versions together into a cohesive whole–the way Hutch/Joshua move exactly the same and Starsky/Houdini, too. Loved when Houdini was getting undressed and then Josh, then Starsky and Hutch. Really fun.

    1. Thank you, Dawn! I couldn’t resist putting all the clips of clothes-doffing next to each other, and hoped it looked like Houdini and Josh were getting naked together, heh. I’m really glad you felt like I made all the different canons into a cohesive whole, so thank you!

  9. ADDICTIVELY AMAZING! I have watched this video 5 times!

    I love how you spliced scenes from other performances by Paul and David into the Starsky & Hutch segments to go with the lyrics about finding you in another life. Very creative and imaginative.

    The quality of your DVDS of those other performances are excellent! Can you tell us where to find good quality DVDS of those shows and movies?

    I have not managed to obtain them yet.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    1. I’m so flattered that you’ve watched it 5 times already! Thank you for leaving such a nice comment! It was a lot of fun to make this vid, so it makes me especially happy that other S&H fans are enjoying it, too.

      As for the DVDs, I kept an eye on ebay for a few months, to get an idea of what the sets usually sold for. But since I ripped them anyway to make this vid, now the files are mostly uploaded here, too.

  10. Great vid, Monica. It doesn’t matter what life our guys are in, putting all those shots together in same vid was genius. I think they will always find each other. I know it was a lot of hard work to make this vid and I appreciate your sharing it here.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, they will always find each other… that is exactly what I was going for. And although making this vid was time-consuming, it was also a lot of fun. Thank you for watching!

  11. This is just amazing – such a great concept, and so skillfully edited and full of fun parallels that I had never noticed (like David hitting his head on something when he was already hurt – ouch). The bit where they are taking off their clothes is my favorite, though – such playful looks there.

    1. Thank you, Mortmere! I loved finding that parallel with DS hitting his head with an arm in a cast/sling, it felt like serendipity! I’m happy to hear you liked that part, and the undressing part, too! 😉 PMG is so flirty in that scene, I had to include it.

  12. Can’t watch this without grinning madly throughout–I’ve put it to the test several times, so I can state that as an unequivocal fact (Science!) 😆 But more than just glee, it’s a sense of rightness, a satisfying assurance that they will find each other, always. Lovely work, Monica, thank you 💖

    1. Thank you for scientifically checking your reaction before reporting back! Heh 😉 And thank you so much for watching. I love that they’ll always find each other, and so it was a joy to make a vid supporting that idea.

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