18 thoughts on “December 14th- Little Willy by Elizabeth Lowry”

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! That was hilarious! You’ve got some good will power using clips of Starsky from the rear rather than from the . . . ‘little’ willy. I like how you flipped the scene of Starsky on the phone from one direction to the other. I’ve been wanting to try that. And finally, the closing shot. Brilliant!

  2. Some lively Starsky action here. Great job bringing out some of his best known assets! I love this version of the song as well. A job well done! Thank you!

  3. LOLOLOL Too funny!!!
    This is going in my “cheer me up” file for future use!
    Thank you for this funny gift.

  4. This was really funny. And you matched the words so well to the pictures. (Or the pictures to the words?) Brilliant work, thank you so much (my gawd, Starsky got a lot of kissing scenes… )

  5. OMG–I haven’t heard that song in decades. So much fun–and that slow motion shot of Starsky doing a warrior pose at the beginning gave my heart a little thump. Great vid.

  6. LOVE it! I bet we were all singing along with the video. You did an awesome job with the shots chosen, the timing, the flipping…man, that man in his red long johns…no matter how often I see that shot, it takes my breath away. Thank you!

  7. I would have never thought of this song as a Starsky song… and yet you made it match him perfectly! Loved all the clips of him dancing, flirting, and kissing, and of course the gratuitous clips of his, er, assets! Plus the impeccable timing of the clips and the upbeat tempo of the song made it so fun to watch! This’ll definitely go onto my rotation of favorite Starsky vids!

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