13 thoughts on “December 21st- Chug A Lug Chug A Lug by Elizabeth Lowry”

  1. Sweet mother of pearl! Hilarious! Love Starsky in his snug, red longjohns and the changing images on the door. The best of course is of Hutch. Great job, Suz!

  2. I’m trying not to wake up the neighbors so I’m snort-gasping-laughing into a couch pillow! This is hilarious, Elizabeth Lowry!

  3. I grew up with my Dad playing Roger Miller and so did my (ex)husband. We actually played this song at our wedding reception ~g~. Thanks for the new images!

  4. This was a hoot–love Roger Miller’s song and Hutch stroking to the beat. Perfect choice for Moonshine.
    Love seeing Starsky three sheets to the wind in Hutch’s lap.

  5. omg that is genius! This song is gonna be playing in my head all night now and I actually don’t mind. It makes me want to tap my feet!
    This was so funny, especially the changing images on the cabin door!

  6. This was a rib-tickler, along with giving me a new ear wig (this song replaced “Little Willy” – finally). The different images on the cabin door were inspired. Thanks for the fun video.

  7. *cackles* Too funny, Suz! A great concept, well executed. I raise my glass to you: Here’s to fandom friends who know us well, but love us just the same 😆 🍻

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