I’ve been told by fans who were active during the show’s first run, that it didn’t take long for local California fans to find the little yellow house located in Venice. Apparently, so many fans flocked to stare at “Hutch’s house” that before long the owner added a second floor to change its profile to discourage gawkers. I was also told by fans who searched for the house a few years after the show went off the air that Hutch’s house sat on one of the canals that were filled in, and that additional upgrades over the years changed the house so drastically it was no longer recognizable. Whether that was the case or not, fans still go to Venice to search for Hutch’s house, including yours truly. Even my wife, Anne, got in on the act, trying to recognize background buildings seen in the show to figure out what direction the house might be in.

During SurCon, a number of us looked for Hutch’s house. Whether we found it or not, it’s a beautiful area to stroll through, far out of most of our financial reaches. Perusing local real estate ads shows that the cheapest house in the Venice area can start at $4 million. That’s American dollars! (Hutch, you should’ve held onto that house!) Most of the homes in the area have been renovated as befits such a pricey area. Many of the houses are architectural wonders constructed on postage-stamp sized lots. Landscaping is gorgeous. In short, it looks nothing like the dumpy area Hutch was living in back in 1975. You can find examples of houses that have not been upgraded since the 70’s. They stand out in their humble originality. Here are some images from our latest search for Hutch’s canal house.



The brown house with white trim in the center of this picture looked more like Hutch’s house than any other we saw. The door is offset and the double roof line over the porch looks similar. The windows are also offset in the same way. You can see how close the houses are on either side.



This is the view to the right of “Hutch’s House” as you face it. The wooden bridge going over the canal is a pedestrian bridge. You can also see where the canal intersects another one.



This is the view to the left of “Hutch’s House”. The concrete bridge is for vehicles, like the ones we saw the bad guy drive over in The Collector. And there are still ducks in the canal as you can see. They could not confirm if we had actually found Hutch’s house or if they were related in any way to the ducks in the episode.



The little white house in the center of this image appears to be an original bungalow from the show’s era. It didn’t seem to have been renovated. There are a handful of houses like this in the area.

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