December 2nd: Starsky’s Blues by Hilly

Starsky wasn’t happy, he’d been moody the whole week,
whenever I talked holiday, he didn’t want to speak,
dark brows would knit together and he gave a nasty scowl,
his words just seem to morph into an agitated growl,
it really has got to the point — can’t take it anymore,
he’s started to get sloppy and he has begun to snore,
he stomps around the kitchen opening cupboards, slamming drawers,
and when I try to ask why, all my questions he ignores.
He used to love food shopping, now he doesn’t want to know,
he always came back happy, his dear face a happy glow,
at work I stared across the desk as he huffed and puffed and sighs,
there is this weird haunted look in those cute blueberry eyes,
‘What is it Starsk?’ I suddenly blurt, ‘there’s somethin’ buggin you?’
He looks up from his scribblings ‘Nah…just got too much to do.’
A pregnant silence follows as I scramble what to say,
this really has me niggled and it just won’t go away.
‘Let’s take off somewhere new tonight, I hear the Mall’s lit up.’
Blueberry eyes look downcast like a lost and lonely pup,
‘Hey come on, Starsk,-it’s Christmas and we haven’t got a tree,
I need to buy some presents, er well, maybe two or three,
a new toy store has opened and the prices are insane,
who knows, they’ll have a new caboose to hook up to your train?’
He reluctantly accepted and we headed to the mall,
but his face remained immovable, the whole thing began to pall.
Just then we passed the new food hall adorned with fairy lights,
and Starsky’s voice boomed round the place — ‘They got my Bunny Bites!’
With that he grabbed a shopping cart and began to cram it full
with bag upon bag of Bunny Bites — he was like a raging bull,
the lady at the checkout gave a look of disbelief,
at the giant mound of chip bags that were going to cause her grief,
needless to say, we left a queue as long as you can see,
but Starsky wasn’t bothered, he was way ahead of me.
The toyshop got the big heave-ho, not interested at all,
he couldn’t wait to get back home, forget about the mall,
so later on that evening watching TV, lights turned down,
snuggled on our favourite sofa with a cuddly eiderdown,
at last the face I knew and loved was happy and content,
the cupboards were now fully stocked and money had been spent,
Starsk’s fingers searched inside the bag containing pure delights,
with the sounds of joyous laughter and the crunch of Bunny Bites!